Nothing says Quintessential Diva like gorgeous red lips on a woman. Some flaunt it, others are somewhat hesitant to apply it yet they still admire it. Red lips can never really go out of season.
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When I first started applying lipstick I was sticking to neutrals because it was a new ground I was treading on. Red being my favorite color was always a part of my “must have” in lipsticks. Being naturally blessed will full lips (yaay for no Botox!) I was initially reluctant with applying red. The visual I used to get in my mind was that of a Guppy fish.

With experience I have learnt that no matter how thick or thin the lips are, how dark or fair the skin is, there is always a red shade(s) that is made for you. This is how I figured out how to make red “just right” for myself.

1. The first tip for red lips is “Wear it with Confidence”. You need to feel good wearing red and that is bound to make you look good. Tried and tested. Even though I am fair and slightly yellow toned (skin) I don’t stick to the basic norms of selecting the red that goes with my skin. If I did, I would just be using a similar shade in all brands. That is No fun. So I play with my reds happily and it works all the time. So Ladies work it up!

2. Next comes how to use it according to your wardrobe. This is actually more important than matching the red with your skin tone. NEVER try to match your lip color completely with the color of your clothes. You don’t want to look like a tomato with red top to bottom! Ascents and shades in your clothes (not to forget patterns) are a good reference point for your red lips. There are times when I am wearing a shocking pink shirt and I red lips and it looks gorgeous. You don’t have to push yourself like that though, baby steps are fine.

3. Play it well, balance it out. Red says it all so you can keep the rest of your makeup from zero to subtle. My favorite is applying a slightly shimmery eye shade in warm, neutral shade and adding a black winged liner. The classic. There have been great examples like Kim Kardashian, however, who played up her lips with dramatic eyes and got away with it. Sometimes experimenting with looks can be a winner too, just don’t go overboard!

4. Prep up. Application ‘know how’ is crucial. Other than the usual exfoliation and lip care and applying lip primer for a long lasting effect there is one important thing that I have learnt through experience. Never apply red lip liner with red lips. It makes it look too done up. Red on its own is a bold, statement color. We don’t need to make it louder than necessary. The trick is to apply a neutral skin toned lip liner and then blending the red lipstick in with a Lip brush. Does wonders, try it.

Now get up and paint the town red! 

Red Alice

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