Pakistan is booming these days with independent films. The recent announcement of the film “Jailaibee” is nothing less of a Bang either. In the past few or so we have seen more and more Paki flicks making their mark in the almost dying film industry and adding strength to it’s revival. All kinds of genres, like Horror, Action, Drama, are making a move and then comes Jalaibee.

A year back, believe it or not, I was actually part of this production but it got postponed and I started working full time and was not able to help out. However as I was involved in the phase when it was developing it grew close to my heart. Yasir Jaswal became a dear friend and was kind enough to chit chat regarding the movie now that it has finally reached the point of post production.

How did Jalaibee come into existent? 
The idea for Jalaibee came to me 4 years back. I was writing a completely different story about two friends at the time but since my mind is a wanderer, it played out this parallel story with numerous different characters coming in and playing out their parts. Eventually I dropped working on the story I had started to write and started working on Jalaibee.

Why the name Jalaibee?
The project was initially called “Rendezvous” but later on we changed it. I always knew an English name for the movie just wouldn’t do. The story has so many twists and turns that I decided to call it “Jalaibee”.

How long did it take for this dream to finally evolve?
I guess I was lucky that I had my friend Murtaza on board this project from the start. He is the owner/creator of REDRUM Films and also the Executive Producer for this project. Both of us were doing completely different jobs at the time when we started discussing this project and both of us just jumped out of that life and started chasing this dream together.

What is that one thing you would like to tell the audience to look forward to as far as Jalaibee is concerned. 
Jalaibee is about that cinema experience. Its about going in there and having fun. Its about intelligent story telling. Its about the thrill of anticipation. About some awesome music.And about believing in the power and magic of movies. It’s a ride!

The film has a very talented group of actors but the production team is no less either. I have personally worked with Eman, Nida and Ehtesham and thus anticipating the release even more. Hope the best for the team *fingers and toes crossed*

More Film Details:

DOP - Mo Azmi

Production Designer - Nida Khan

Casting and Styling: Ehtesham Ansari

Producer: Eman Bente Syed

Production - Redrum Films in Association with Sermad Films and Jaswal Films

Media - ARY Films

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