Another International Brand hits the market, Giordano. Established in Hong Kong, the brand is famous for it's casual/outdoorsy clothes and caters to men, women and children.

Giordano opened it doors in Pakistan, starting from Karachi. The flagship store launched at Dolmen Mall, Clifton. Giordano is a brand I remember since my teens when my aunts use to get me pants and sweatshirts from there. I remember owning a pink Giordano cotton pants and liking it very much when I was 13 :)

The overall event was quite interesting. There was a mall animation setup, quite recent to Pakistan thanks to Dolmen Mall's spaciousness. The Fashion presentation started off a bit slow with models strutting with Giordano's winter collection. It got more interesting in the next segment which featured celebrities from different walks of life. I felt proud because my sister, Maria Rao (Budding Fashion Designer), a dear friend Ehtesham Ansri (Sylist) and Yildrim Butt (fellow blogger) were also part of the segment. I also spotted Sohail Javed (Director) and his entire family on the ramp assuring us that Giordano is a brand for the entire family.

The overall event was quite delightful and the giveaways were even more exciting. Other than the Rs.2,500 gift voucher, the media received a fold-able, waterproof Giordano backpack, ideal for camping or traveling. My brother would love this so I might end up giving it to him :) The PR and Marketing was done by TAKE II and Event Management by Production 021. Styling was done by Ehtesham Ansari.

I do have to be honest though. I might have loved those pink pants in my teens, but now the clothes didn't appeal to me much. Don't get me wrong, the collection was quite decent but I have developed a more eccentric way of dressing. My sister, however, was in heaven because she is all about tee shirts, jeans and sweats. I ended up getting her two tee shirts (Rs.1,500) to avail my Rs.2500 Gift voucher. I only had to pay Rs.500! Yaay!

The pricing is steep but the quality is good. I did have issues with sizes and would like to expect more size variation in the future (hopefully). So if you love the whole casual swag, while affording a dent in your pocket once in a while, then do visit the shop.

P.s: Here is a glimpse (literally) of the Giordano fashion presentation. My cute sister is the one in the black jacket, long hair and high heeled boots. You can't miss her BIG Smile either!
Giordano Launches in Karachi 2013 from Maliha Rao on Vimeo.

Sohail Javed with his family
Angie Marshal
Me, Umair and Maria
Marvi and Ehtesham
Rose and Yildrim
Tehmina, Khaled and Yasir Buchani
Urooj Mumtaz (Female Cricketer)