I had NEVER tried gel nail polish. Heard so many scary stories about it that reluctance was inevitable. However that all changed recently when I was invited to a private review of Gelish at Mubashir Khan Salon, Karachi. The private gathering of selected socialites, writers and bloggers was arranged by Salina Cosmetics, the company that is the official dealer of Gelish in Pakistan.


Gelish, gel / nailpolish hybrid claims to give you non chip, long lasting polish.

- Gel/nail polish hybrid that is applied like regular nail polish
- Dries in seconds using the break-through technology of LED nail lamps
- Maintains the perfect polish look for 21 days without CHIPPING, FADING or WEARING OFF.
- Strengthens nails and helps them grow naturally long & strong
- NO damage to nails whatsoever
- Gelish Manicure lasts for 3-4 weeks
- Gelish Pedicure lasts for 4-6 weeks
- No fear of smudging or ruining your newly polished nails 2 minutes after you get a manicure

At the salon I was ushered towards the prep area for an express manicure. Why Of course I shall help myself to some! Can't say no to manicures ;) Salina, C.E.O of Salina Cosmetics, helped select the right Gelish for me. I am crazy about red (if that's not apparent then you are new to this blog) so I went for "Good Gossip" a gorgeous red with an extra oomph of shimmer. Yum!

Before proceeding further I first asked them to take me through the entire application and also asked them about the horror stories I have heard about nail damage and fungus. 

Mubashir was sweet enough to explain why those horror stories have been floating around. "Most women are not aware or maybe not told that every application should have a break of week to ten days in between. Which means when you come to get the gel nail polish removed you should never go for another application. Our nails need rest and sunlight. They get damaged due to that". That made so much sense and I can honestly understand stubborn, clueless women getting gel nails back to back. Pfft!

With a sigh of relief I sat down for my first ever gel experience. Let me take you through it via images :)

1. First the Nails were buffed.

 2. A clear base coat was applied.
3. Off to some LED light drying. This, basically, was necessary after application of each coat.

4. The plain red nail shade was first applied - LED- then another coat of red -  than back to LED.

5. The red shimmer was added after two coats of red - Dried by LED again

6. Finally a clear top coat was applied and last trip to the LED light dryer. 

The total process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The general Gel Nail treatment in most salons for both hands cost anywhere from Rs.1,500 to Rs.3,000/-

I was quite happy with my nails in the end. I have had them for almost ten days with no chipping. They look as good as they did the day I got them. I am definitely getting more of it in the future (with healthy breaks inbetween of course :p)

The experience was quite a trip for me. The other ladies were excited as well, chirping away and showing off their newly Gelished nails! Go get your GELISH on! :D

Mubashir, Friend and Salina