Life becomes even more marvelous when you have pets. For some they may just be animals but for others they become life-long companions. Anything other than the basic necessities becomes a luxury, which includes pets.
Caring for your pet nowadays has become more than providing them with good food, bath and a pat on the head. The meaning of TLC in the mind of certain extravagant class is not just Tender Loving Care. What many lucky pets are getting all around the world is Total Luxurious Care. 

The elite indulging in premium quality Designer Pet wear and getting their pets groomed from exclusive pet salons while they lap on gourmet food is not the only thing that is trending. Pet hotels have become the ‘next big thing to do now’ amongst the rich and fabulous globally. 

From a treat bag during check-in to exquisite suites, customized gourmet food, massages and a wide range of other goodies to offer, these Luxury pet hotels can even make humans jealous. Pet friendly five star hotels are divided into two types: The former which accept pets along with humans and the later which are exclusively for the animals. 

The Former: 

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, W Hotels and Star wood hotels are one of many five star hotels, with chains all across the world, which will make your pet and you, both, feel like royalty. They not only have on-call veterinarian services but offer spa services in some of their chains. Designer toys, special food and water bowls, plush towels are just few of many on the list of what you will expect from these hotels. One of them even offers a special, customized 10 layered Duvet bed for extra comfort for your furry friend. A definite ‘Top Paw’ treatment guaranteed.

The Later: 

Hotels exclusively for pets? It can’t get any Luxurious than this. Elm Tree in England, Pet’s Dream Park Hotel in Taipei and Han Rob in Australia and Mostly for dogs and cats, as they are the most common pets, these hotels exceed all expectations in services. Extravagant is an understatement. Specially trained personal pet sitters, specialized daily menu, aroma therapy baths, Luxurious living arrangement with private swimming pool and gym is not the end of what they offer. One of them even gives a soft blow dry on departure.

The aforementioned destinations are proof of pet heaven on earth. These high-end pet boarding facilities will make your life free from worries every time you want to take a vacation for yourself and your beloved pet.

Better start planning an enjoyable trip now!