I am already in love with the matte lipsticks so when I came across Medora Semi Matte Lipsticks I didn't stop myself from getting some. I got two shades. One crazy bright and the other neutral (I want to tame myself and not just go gaga over bold lip colors!)

The shades I got are 'Rose Candy' and 'Vin Rose'. This time I ended up getting them for Rs.100 only from Gulf Shopping center, Clifton.

Product Overview:

  • Simple Packaging
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Long Lasting
  • Formula is slightly more creamy and moisturizing than the Matte one. 
  • No shine
  • Drys up lips a bit

ROSE CANDY: This shade is definitely as delicious as candy! I instantly fell in love with it. Its this yummy neony, electric pink. I have been wearing this shade and getting nothing but compliments. This is definitely not our typical lip color so you should definitely try it out before purchasing it.

VIN ROSE: I am not comfortable with Mate when it comes to nudes or subtle shades. I feel they make your lips look dead. Vin Rose, however, was an exception, probably because it is not entirely matte and has a bit of creaminess. Its a fawn shade with a slight tint of pink. I did add a bit of clear gloss later (no pic of that) because I like wearing my nude, subtle lippies with a bit of gloss as well sometimes.

Totally flaunting these two nowadays! What about you? :)