I was out of gel liner. The one I had was essence which I was very happy with. I was looking forward to purchasing Maybelline gel Liner, as I have heard so much about it, but to my surprise I bumped into this unusual Maybelline product while shopping for my Halloween makeup stuff.

The Maybelline 30 sec Speedy Dry Eyeliner looks 'doubtful' when you look at it. I am even questioning if its even original but for the price of just Rs.350/- I was like "What the hell let's give it a go!"

I contacted Maybelline (because I wanted to know about the authenticity of the product) and found a very interested fact: "The original Maybelline products are from Germany. All others, especially indian and chinese MNY products are fake." So Ladies I got a fake but I am still excited to check it out.

The outside packaging is basic and simple, similar to the Colossal Kajal and Mascara packaging. Inside is a plastic liner brush and a eye liner pot.

The pot is glass with a jewel-like designed plastic top. The finishing of the top cap is slightly low quality (one of the elements that made me question the authenticity).

  • The formula is surprisingly good and can be easily applied. It is better than normal liners but not as great as Maybelline Gel liner itself
  • The brush allows to make a super thin line
  • If you plan on having something that stays put for 4 to 6 hours this is good
  • It's not smudge free but if you don't run or smudge it doesn't get smudged on it's own either
  • Less pigmented then Maybelline Gel Liner but a good alternate to basic eye liners

Overall I like this product and have already used it a couple of times with satisfaction. 
I got this product from Gulf Shopping Mall, Karachi which is located near teen Talwar. For just Rs.350/- this is a good buy but I am still going to get Maybelline Studio Gel Liner nonetheless :)