I was invited to Club Catwalk's 7 Deadly Sin Halloween Party on Halloween. I wanted to dress up as a zombie but the process was lengthy and due to office as well as weakness (recovering from Malaria) I decided to do something creative, scary, yet simple at the same time.

The theme was Seven Deadly Sins.I didn't want to dress up as the typical glamorous sin. After much thought and google-ing I decided to dress up as Frida Kahlo with Day of the dead makeup.

My friend and fellow blogger Owais was also going and wanted to dress up as Sweeney Todd so I helped him with his makeup as well.

Gathering the clothes and finding the right makeup took at least three days. The hard part was getting the white base because its not used commonly (We are not THAT obsessed with fairness :p). I used to do Mime and Theater so knew it could be found if I looked around hard enough :)

Sweeny Todd (Owais) was basically making his skin look paler and eyes look deep set and dramatic. I added red liner to make them a bit bloodshot. White in his hair was created by some talcum powder and Hair spray. the height was given to the hair with backcombing. Some contouring and accentuating with a mix of brown eye shades and he was good to kill :p

For my look the base was white TV paint stick. I set it in with white talcum powder. Outlined the details with black eye pencil and then finished with black and red aqua eye liner paint. The trick to this look is steady hands and understanding symmetry. Tadaa!

The party was loads of fun, sponsored by Porsche. There was a gorgeous RED Porsche parked outside the dance hall. Too bad i don't know how to drive otherwise would have stolen it! :p

People were not as scary as I expected (actually MOSTLY not scary) but oh well at least they did dress up. Apart from the 7 deadly sins and the usual Vampires, witches and slut costumes I saw a Male Poison Ivy (Yildrim), a Beer Keg, and some zombies as well. Great effort nonetheless. I must say I think I was the scariest there though. I had to tell my friends it was me when I approached them. For a few seconds I would get a blank stare before a following OMG! Some strangers even took photos with me...:/
Look how much fun we had, who wore what and the awesome dance performance by Wahab Shah was the cherry on the top before I had to leave.
Seven Deadly Sins Performance from Maliha Rao on Vimeo.