I confess. Even though I am cool with shamelessly and confidently flaunting non branded stuff, I do wish to buy an LV bag some day (fingers crossed). A pair of Jimmy Choo's and flats from Tory Burch won't hurt either *cough cough*

I happened to walk into New York Avenue (The Forum, Clifton, Karachi) just out of curiosity. It can also be the bling of the gorgeous gold Tory Burch bag that caught my eye while I was passing by...*shrugs* :) There was one in red too! Droool . . .

What was I doing in a store with original Branded delicacies? Window shopping of course...that's all a light pocket lady like me can afford :p but that can't be an excuse for appreciating the accessories.

After wandering around the store I decided to chit chat with the manager to inquire about prices and other thoughts.

Apparently the shop, opened this year June, belonged to Fakhir's (famous singer) wife Mehreen Fakhir.

A clean and simple shop with great lighting (I prefer clean lighting over moody when it comes to showcasing products...duh!). I floated around noticing brands that were there: Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Nautica...heartache! Compared to the kind of stuff I have seen in other stores with branded stuff the prices seemed not so ear aching. They are surprisingly close to what the actual price is internationally.

Many multi-brand stores here that keep original branded stuff from international designers charge almost and arm and a leg because they want to get profits, or damage control for customs or shipping or whatever other reasons. The lesser the extra, the better the sales. This was the right place...for those who can buy that is and there are plenty, if not me.

I later got in touch with Mehreen and she told me she wanted to give Karachi Fashionistas an opportunity to get their hands on original, handpicked branded accessories which she makes sure are famous and according to the latest international trends. Apparently none of the stuff in the shop is way to old to flaunt. I suppose that beats the extra money for travelling abroad to get all this candy.

I was sweet enough to make notes for those who wish to visit the shop to buy stuff:
  • Flats = Starting from Rs.3,300/ (doable even for me)
  • Evening shoes and wedges = Starting from Rs.6,500/- ( If a friend is reading this, never hurts to get these as gift ;p)
  • Watches = Starting from Rs.30,000/-
  • Bags & Clutches = Starting from Rs. 14,000 and 22,000 on wards

One thing I learnt and would like to share about Original brands is they have bar codes. THAT is one of the ways to tell they are original (felt like I knew nothing when I found this out! Meh!). You can actually search the product online through this. Google the bar code and the product will open. WOWZER!
If anyone wants more info you can check out their page on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All the views are honest and my own.