I finally got my hands on some Sleek Pout Paint! I have been waiting for these to be available again so bought three of them the first chance I got, Pin-up, Peek-a-bloo and Cloud-9 (thinking of getting Lava, Mauve Over and Peachy-Keen as well and the mixing set will be complete). When these three shades arrived I was initially a bit disappointed by the size of the tiny tubes. In my head they were MUCH bigger.

Playing with the paints, mixing them and creating new shades reminded me of my art classes. It was lots of fun. The colors are really intense and just a tiny drop size is more than enough for your lips. The initial application is quite glossy but you can make it look subtle by dabbing tissue on your lips to remove excess. Dab a little more and they look like lip tints.Voila!

I would also suggest getting small containers to store the shades you make in case you want to use them again.

The original Pin-up red is cherry colored and quite delicious.

The three other shades I made:

More of Pin-up and less of Peek-a-bloo.

More of Peek-a-bloo and less of Pin-up (using Peek-a-bloo on it's own is not an option for me, unless I go to a costume party or Cosplay!)

Cloud-9 with some Pin-up.

  • Intense color and pigmentation
  • Control over the shades you make
  • Long lasting
  • Make great tints
  • They don't dry your lips
  • One time use unless you become a pro is getting the same shade right every time OR store them in tiny containers (just4girls.pk is selling plastic containers for esence nail art which can also be used fo this)
  • Too Glossy for some
  • Quantity/size could be bigger
I am loving the Paint Pouts and got them for Rs.800/- a pop from Just4girls.pk

Give them a Go Go if you love experimenting and playing with color.

Red Alice