When I got the invite for the Launch of The Academy I wasn't sure what I would expect. The day it launched I was on my way to collect my Father's Medical reports (came out fine Thank God) so was only able to swing by for half and hour. They opened the doors for all on 26th August 2013.

I was already late. When I entered the place Musharaf Hai was explaining the benefits of this academy. The first L’Oréal Professionnel Academy is another initiative of L’Oréal to spur the development of the hairdressing and salon industry in Pakistan. I looked around but there were way too many people to figure out what the space has to offer. I quietly listened to Hai and then went outside and waited a bit for the crowd to shift outside as well so I can look around without being blocked.

Even though the launch was more apt for MUAs and Hair Stylists its good to know that Pakistan is catching up on professional level as far as EDUCATION in Hair styling and Makeup is concerned. We have very few professional institutes here. More are always welcome. The Academy is located in The Forum, Clifton.

L'Oreal claims that the Academy has modern and functional installations instilled with a contemporary design, reflecting the dynamism, the high fashion image and the sophistication of the brand.

The Academy aims to develop hairdresser’s level of expertise as well as their salon business through education.This purpose built institution has been designed by leading architects at Tariq Qaiser Associates.

Well, It certainly was a classy space and anyone getting an education here will feel like a DIVA :) It is suppose to accommodate 40 students but I wasn't sure after I walked around the space. Maybe if I see it in action I will believe it. I liked the division of spaces into Nail bar, Washing area, Cuting area etc and the clean outlook. Clean always adds value.

My Highlight however (unless I was a Hair Stylist) were the Giveaways. The guests got a much talked about Mythic oil and two Essie Nail colors (different shades for everyone).

I will review the Mythic oil after testing it for ATLEAST two weeks so wait for it ;)
As far as the colors are concerned I was pleasantly surprised. A couple of days ago I was watching a foreign soap on TV (Not not Turkish!) and saw a girl wearing a deep maroon nail color which looked gorgeous) I realized the one I had was finished and needed another. Thought of trying out an Essie shade cause I only had one Essie nail polish.

Well I don't need to say anything further. My wish came true with added bonus I suppose :) No Joke!
Completely in Love with the shades I got. Two application required. Too sheer with one. You can even try one finger in Berry Hard per hand with the rest in Mambo for a Chic yet trendy look/
Essie shade in MAMBO
Essie shade in Berry Hard <3

The PR & Marketing was done by Lotus Pr.

P.s: I hope they launch the L'Oreal Feria DIY Ombre kits soon :/

Disclosure: Samples are provided for consideration purposes by the brand or a PR company. Reviews are always honest and never paid for :)