I have been sick with Kidney infection for over a week now (still recovering) No matter how many times I got my self to writing the blog, pain took over :(

Today, however, I finally got a chance to review this raving product which a lot of people are talking about. L’Oreal Professional have recently launched the expanded collection of the Mythic Oil and program now includes Oil Mythic, Mythic Oil Milk, Mythic Oil rich oil for dry hair and indomitable, Mythic Oil sheen colored hair, Mythic Oil Shampoo and Mythic Oil Masque.

I got to try the Rich Oil (my hair is more dry in winters thou).
L’Oreal Professionel claims that this Mythic Rich Oil can be used as a pre blow-dry conditioner on shampooed, towel-dried hair, for easier styling and added control, or as a luxe finishing touch for an anti-frizz taming effect. Results are anti-frizz saviour offers nourishment, discipline and anti-frizz protection.

First let's look at the packaging. The exotic looking, golden bottle (enhancing the RICH-ness) comes in a white, sleek box (It was not made of card, more like a frosted, thin, platicy material with matte finish). it is attached with a pump nozzle. I like the elegance of the  product by it's packaging. Presentation does wonders.

The Oil itself was clear and I liked the fact it was light and non sticky with a pleasant fresh smell. I applied a pump full (that means only pump once). My hair has grown long and reach bellow my shoulder blades so do the math ;) I applied it to damp hair and rubbed it in . It didnt leave behind the residue that oil usually does.

My verdict (after three weeks of using it):

  • Definitely nourishing and has made the hair healthier.
  • Less hair fall
  • Softer, manageable hair
  • Recommended for really dry or curly hair
  • Great for winters so I am looking forward to testing the frizz free feel :)
  • Pleasant smell 
  • Great alternate to leave in conditioner
  • Damage control when blow drying and also good for styling AFTER we blow dry
I am overall satisfied with this product. I got this as a sample to test but I checked the market and this 124ml bottle costs Rs.2,600.

I didnt take any before and after images because honestly my hair is fine and has gotten better with the product. The change is not that drastic and it felt stupid taking photos where even I cant tell the difference. For me the improvement is with the texture and the way it bounces and feels, not the way it looks after using this product :) So yea!

p.s: if you have anymore questions regarding this product feel free to ask.

Disclosure: Samples are provided for consideration purposes by the brand or a PR company. Reviews are always honest and never paid for :)