I have been meaning to share this. Finally got some time off this weekend to review my favorite everyday eye makeup. For a working professional like me I need a quick, no fuss routine to get ready every morning. I don't have time for blow dries and a lengthy makeup session so I prefer quick and easy.

My favorite 'Go-To' Product recently have been Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes contour kit and Barry- Wink Eye Marker. I am running out of both very soon so definitely placing an order for more!

The Barry M Eye Marker, after experimenting with many others (Revlon, MUA, Essence) has become by choice of everyday marker liner. Its highly pigment, the tip is soft yet stiff enough to glide easily on the lids. I don't need to reapply or touch up for at least 5 hours. This chunky marker does have mixed reviews as far as it's nib is concerned. some people think its too soft and not sturdy but I had no such concerns and find it easy to glide and very precise. I think the marker tips should not be too hard. Our eye lids have thin, sensitive skin and hard tips can be harsh. I also like the crisp, matte finish it leaves behind.

Eye Liner TIP: Instead of applying eyeliner or marker in one stroke, apply it in small strokes starting from the inner lid towards the outer lid. I tried it and it actually give a well defined line :)

Even though the Benefit kit has specified the use of each shade I use it my way. I only use the concealer sometimes. Otherwise I prep up my eyes with MUA Eye shadow Primer.

I use the Contour Shadow as all over base and Liner shadow for contouring. I have deep set, oriental eyes so need more contouring and definition. I use the Base color as a highlighter at the tip of the inner lid and on the lower brow area.

I also use the Liner shadow to lightly brush my eye brows which make them a bit more defined.

Apply Base color after priming:

Contour and subtle highlight followed byBarry M liner:

Finished off with Maybelline Colossal Mascara. The rest of my face I just apply BB cream (recent one is L'Oreal Revitalift) and face powder Color Studio Invincible. Lipstick is random. It ranges from Bright red to anything nude depending on mood and outfit :)

P.s: Please don't mind my unruly eyebrows in the following photos. I am growing them as thin eye brows are not in trend. The in between phase is always a pain in growing hair ANYWHERE :/

Anyhoot! This is my usual everyday eye makeup which takes me 10 minutes flat! If I have to go somewhere after work I just jazz them up a bit by applying black eye pencil on the lower line. Add more pizzazz by using colored eye pencil.

I got BarryM Wink eye Marker by fluke in a Ramazan exhibition at Mantra, Dolmen Mall Clifton last month. It is one of my best buys ever. Cost me approx Rs.1,200 and worth every penny. The people supplying it here are Salina Cosmetics who also deal with Gelish in Pakistan (havent tried Gelish yet!).

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit was a gift from a friend but as you have seen already (above photo) I use it a LOT.

Hope this post helped. I highly recommend both products. A Must-Have in your bag!


Red Alice