My third award of the year and interesting enough awarded twice for the same award within the same week! Awesome! : Thank you Samran Noor of the Beauty Guide and Marium of Marium Says who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award <3 :) Really appreciate it :D I am glad I am going towards a productive and positive path in blogging. Moments like these are a reassurance.

This award is awarded to those bloggers who are unique in their own way, those who bring something more interesting and amusing than expected.Those bloggers who have creative / good photographs and are passionate/active bloggers.The award is to honor those who bring something special to your life :) Totally sweet!

How it works:
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  • Announce your win and than the blogger who nominated you.
  • Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
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  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
Seven interesting things about me:
  1. I love cooking and DIY and pretty good at what I do (mostly)
  2. I have a Japanese fetish (anime, culture, clothes, cuisine, language, pretty much everything!)
  3. I am happy being a Creative Director but being a Beauty Editor of one of the world famous magazine would be FABULOUS
  4. I Love animals, not just cats and dogs, but animals (even snakes and lizards)
  5. I love anime, comics, video games cartoons and animation. Would Love to adopt a Minion someday or like in Middle earth maybe :) I think I am a Geek. Cos-playing is on my list of things too!
  6. I am a second level Reiki Healer and plan to go to Nepal for Vipasana someday soon.
  7. I want to someday have a Unique Fashion accessory line (crazy clutches, scarves etc)
15 Nominees are:
  1. Owais of Musings of a Fashion Designer
  2. Umair of Umairica
  3. Aamir of Aamiriat
  4. Yildrim of Gumbee Daily
  5. Jennifer of DonnieDarkoGirl
  6. Shaheen of Cherry Cross
  7. Samra of Samra Muslim Blog
  8. Nazreen of As I Travel Through Life
  9. Julie and Ashley of 20/30 Glam
  10. Saba of Beauty Rush
  11. Gemma of Miss Makeup Magpie <3
  12. Maria of Retro Street Fashion
  13. Laura of Laura Thinks about
  14. Sidrah of Beauteous Blog
  15. Yomi of Gwiyomistyle
Lots of Love to fellow bloggers I nominated and respect <3
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