The past week has been very stressful for me so Blogs have been a bit scarce. My father has not been well so I have been preoccupied mentally, emotionally and physically with that. Veet Celebration of Beauty came in the middle of all that (24th August) and luckily it was at night so was able to get out for some distraction.

Like almost every Fashion/Award show it started really late. I think 'Fashionably late' should be rephrased to 'Frustratingly Late'. Waiting for guest to arrive? Once the shows get into the habit of starting on time and are worth it, people will definitely start showing in time too.

The PINK Carpet:

Hanging out at the 'Pink' Carpet area was the usual ordeal. Admiring the celebrities and models posing, giving interviews, flaunting their designer outfits, the media *Shabang of course. Did a bit of posing myself :)
Yildrim, me, Umair & Saba
The setup was not outstanding but elegant and simple. Pink and white being the highlight due to brand colors. Red carpet element switched with the Pink Carpet. Glamour was infused through the subtle crystal blingy decor balanced with femininity through the floral arrangements. ARY and IRIS Events joined hands to manage the event. The event catering, comprising of refreshing virgin cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, was managed by Chef Saadat (My mother's favorite chef).

The Celebrity styling (thanks to Nabila and Team for personally selecting outfits for most) looked better than what I had seen recently in other shows. I liked the diversity of designer wear the models and celebrities were wearing. It gets to monotonous when everyone (or ALMOST everyone) is wearing the same designer at any event.
Sana Sarfaraz in
Sana Safinaz
Ayesha Omer in
Khadija Shah
Mehwish Hayat,
a Glamazon in HSY
Sara Loren in
Shehla Chatoor
Mahnoor in
Adnan Pardesey
Ayaan in
Nomi ANsari

  • Sana Sarfaraz's Dress was Gorgeous but the Bow could have been more decent.
  • A lot of people thought Mehwish Hayat looked overdressed. I don't agree. She balanced out the armor-esc bodice with soft makeup and rest of the subtle-ness.
  • Sara Loren's dress was right. Everything else could have been. 
The Veet-Celebration of Beauty show was a mix of awards, fashion show and performances, so will write them in segments as well.

The Hosts, Azfar Rehman and Aamina Shiekh were looking fabulous but whoever wrote their script needs a class in understanding the difference between witty and lame.

The FASHION segment:

The overall line up was a bit confusing. The kind of theme/inspiration that was suppose to be represented was contradictory from most of the actual collections that were shown. A little bird told me that even though Nabila had briefed every designer about the eras and themes they didn't quite get it. There were some individual pieces that stood out in every collection but nothing left me wowing, though some did make my eyes (and heart) feel sore.

Vintage by Khadija Shah (Elan): Vintage in our country brings to mind Gotaa, Jhilmil, Dubkaa, Farshee ghararas and Shararas and mostly Bunto Kazmi. The Overall clothes were heavily embellished, pretty and traditional? Yes. Vintage? No. I did, however, liked an outfit Sana Sarfaraz wore (3rd one below) that was borderline vintage with an edge.

Eclectic by Sana Safinaz: There was nothing eclectic about this collection. Maybe noir chic, but not eclectic. The collection on its own was not bad. A mix of structured lines and draped apparel with the much loved and used stylized floral patterns. One particular piece, however, left me astounded. the long jacket with printed inlay had a pattern which looked like a sketched out-stylized image of a woman's certain upper body part (or maybe I am too imaginative).

Retro by Sadaf Maltere: Maybe it's Just me but I can never visualize retro without color and Psychedellic prints. Yes I agree stripes and dots are BIG retro-isk elements but lets face it, color brings life to the retro zing! Sadaf's collection had either really nice or OK moments for me. Mixed feeling and mixed up concept. Overall it was not bad.

Pop by Ali Xeeshan: The Only collection that didnt seem to be contradictory. The disco inspired clothes were creative and fun yet totally nailed the glamour element as well. I loved the Black and Gold combination. The crop top worn by Nadia Hussien and the pants worn by Sana Sarfaraz were totally swag. I wish I could get one for myself. What made this collection stand out even more was the models gliding to the beats of Ali Azmat singing Live (and well). This was the only Fashion segment fused with the Performance segment and a definite Wowzer for me (wish Ali Xeeshan had dressed up Ali Azmat as well though. He looked like a pastel smudge with CROCS!)


Well I have already talked about Ali Azmat performing while Ali Xeshaan showcased. The other performances were a mix of dance and songs.

The 1st Experimental Dance Performance and the opening of the show was literally MIND BLOWING and I managed to take a clip (from Far away) before my Cell Phone died for you guys. No need to explain how brilliant it was after you see it. I am sure this tiny clip doesnt do the performance any justice so do watch it when the show comes on Television soon.

The 2nd one was also digestible and under the Vintage era Banner. Mehwish Hayat, looking funky in a peacock costume, danced to Madam Noorjehan's "Mehkee Hawaien". She was really into her dance and you could tell. It brought an instant smile to my face. The overall dance sequence was filmy but that was the intent.

The 3rd Retro Era inspired Performance was by Zoe Viccaji who sand Nazia Hassan's "Aap Jaisa Koi" an simply nailed it. The supporting Dancers however were a misfit. I was told that the dancers were a last minute addition so I will not rant much about them and will give them a Pass card.

The 4th was Ali Azmat and then in the end the Finale (almost after the end actually :p) Sara Loren danced on Gajra rey (one of her Films' Song) which kinda got stuck in my head (and turned into a nightmare later). She danced fine, like one should in an item song, but the performance didn't gel in with the rest of the show.

The AWARDS Segment:

It's obvious that beauty is being celbrated so ofcourse awards are a must. I did however feel that the awards had a potential of being more creative and were restricted. It was Veet's first time in giving out such awards apparently so I will wait for the next show to see if they will develop them further. Would be nice to see Best Legs, Best Hair, Best Signature Pose, Best Personal Style and many other Beautiful segments for awards. No need to thank me Veet, you are more than welcome to help you brainstorm for more *wink wink* 

Anyways the existing Awards were:

  1. Most Beautiful Smile – Presented by Humayun Saeed and Mahnoor Baloch to Syra Yousaf (Nominees were: Mehwish Hayat, Humaima Malick, Mahira Khan, Mahreen Raheel and Syra Yousaf)
  2. Most Promising Model of the Year – Presented by Humayun Saeed and Mahnoor Baloch to Saima Azhar (Nominees were: Saima Azhar, Sehrish Bukhari, Sana Sarfaraz, Sana Khan and Huma Khan)
  3. Best Posture – Presented by Nomi Ansari and Mehreen Raheel to Nadia Ali (Nominees were: Nadia Ali, Amna Ilyas, Rubab, Faiza Ansari and Cybil Chowdhry) 
  4. Miss Catwalk – Presented by Nomi Ansari and Mehreen Raheel to Amna Ilyas (Nominees were: Mehreen Syed, Fouzia Aman, Amna Ilyas, Iraj Manzoor and Faiza Ansari) 
  5. Most Beautiful Skin – Presented by Asad-ul-Haq and Zoe Viccaji to Ayyan (Nominees were: Ayyan, Ayesha Linnea, Mahnoor Baloch, Rabia Butt and Juggun Kazim) 
  6. Miss Photogenic – Presented by Asad-ul-Haq and Zoe Viccaji to Aamina Sheikh (Nominees were: Aamina Sheikh, Ayyan, Amna Ilyas, Saima Azhar and Nooray Bhatti)
  7. Miss Elegance – Presented by Tapu Javeri and Nadia Hussain to Mahnoor Baloch (Nominees were: Iman Ali, Aaminah Haq, Mahnoor Baloch, Sonia Jehan and Reema) 
  8. Beauty of the Year – Presented by Tapu Javeri and Nadia Hussain to Humaima Malick (Nominees were: Ayyan, Ayesha Linnea, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick and Mehwish Hayat)

I must say it was quite delightful hearing almost every winner say "this was so unexpected" after receiving the awards. Yes we all know it was TRULY unexpected ;)

OVERALL the event had lot of missing points which could have lead to brilliance but it didnt make anyone cry either so it I suppose a 'Good Effort' applause can be given.

ARY Production team could have done a better job is NOT keeping the show darker in between and NOT flashing lights directly into our eyes.

PR & Marketing had no flaws and done well by Lotus PR.

Styling & Creative Direction by N-Pro was quite satisfying and nicely balanced. Their were minor glitches but lets not get catty shall we? It was not OTT and nobody's perfect. Overall more pros in the event styling anyways :)

Catwalk Choreography by Nadia Hussain was smooth and Dance Choreography by ACT One (or so I am told) had its highs and minor lows.

Veet-Celebration of Beauty has great potential of being even more beautiful. A great initiative nonetheless and something I would like to see evolve into a Swan. So till next time . . .Cheers!

*Shabang: A word I use to describe 'the entire, typical, usual Event or Affair. The Formalities.