This is not a colorful post...but it's not bland either :)

I have been highlighting a lot on colorful nail colors and lipsticks but the truth is that I LOVE all shades, color, neutral, shimmery, glittery, Smoky,everything goes.

I recently got some really nice nail colors from Essence Color & Go series which look really good with formal stuff or casual if you are not shy and like it hot all the time ;) I have my three favorites (amongst other) which I call my night out nails.

First up is Sultry and the one to ace it and fit into this genre is Essence Color & Go in Galactic Black, A deep, shimmery grey (similar to the Amar Bilal version of Luscious Nail colors but so much better).
The black is really gorgeous and the shimmer is just right. It doesn't look too Goth (unless you want it to). One coat is good enough but two makes it even more awesome and rich. Prefer this over most blacks and deep greys I have come across so far.

Second up is Glam and the award goes to Shiny Godness. A beautiful dull gold shade which doesnt shout out too much and can add that extra zing to your evening bling :) I prefer this for most of my wedding events other than the usual maroon and red nails. One coat is good to go.

The last (as if!) is Statement and these days its a fun blue duo of Hard to Resist and Blue Addicted. Nothing says "I am who I am" and make a statement with these crazy funky nails! A coat of Hard to resist with Blue addicted on the top and voila! You can even wear these separately OR mix Blue addicted with another base color if you want.

Essence Color & Go are one of my favorite Nail colors for various reasons. Love the small bottles and the product richness. Color range are AMAZING. Application is smooth (I am very messy. Even though the above images are not tidy enough you have no idea but they could have been Worse!)

PLEASE keep in mind no matter how great the brand is we should not keep nail color on for more than 3 days. Nails go yellow mainly because they need some sunlight and some breathing to do. It's common sense. People complain about yellow nails and blame it on the products. We should know how to use the products too. Extreme use of anything can be bad!

Any hoots I got the above shades for Rs.270 each from a store near by but these care available in Vicky's Cosmetics in Khadda Market Karachi and other places which stock Essence. You can also go to their Facebook page to inquire here.

Have fun with the glorious nails Loveliez!


Red Alice