My Faux Pass Blogs are usually short and sweet :) I went ALMOST broke this July...too much shopping Sigh (though I don't think there is such a thing as too much shopping :p)

Let's start with the BAGS I came across last month. As we all know that cross body bags are trending (summer isn't over in Karachi yet lovelies!) and color is everywhere.

I have been obsessed with them all summer and managed to get a couple finally after looking around. I cant do fashion for the heck of it and I definitely can't spend a fortune (unless I have a fortune) on anything so here is how I got lucky :)

I fell in love with this Emerald green 'Chicret' cross body satchel by Marc Jacobs (left) and it got stuck in my head. This particular satchel is a for whopping $340!

But here's the thing . . . When you really want something with all your get close ;)
I happened to come across something VERY similar (not exact but I am satisfied with the one I have) and for only $15!! Yes you can believe me and I will tell you where I got it from (I keep no secrets...most of the time hehe). I got the Satchel you see below online from here, though unfortunately they are now out of stock unless you request them to order it again for you.

Image on the left is My Bag.

I happened to buy another really hot Cross Body Box bag from Nimra K who has an amazing collection of fun clutches, envelope clutches, cross body bags and more. I am definitely going to get some more stuff (when I save up enough or someone gifts it to me) in the Future. The price are SUPER awesome though. I got these for Rs.2000/- each!
I bought the Blue One for myself and the
 Lime green as a Gift for my friend

YSL top / Splash bottom

Now the SECOND awesome Faux Pass Find and so similar your eyes will pop out (well not literally) is....*drum roll* this:

This is one of those totally WOW Faux Pass find! I loved the YSL signature ring (approx $700 something!) and when I got something similar at Splash for just $5 I was literally jumping (if you don't believe me ask the friend who was with me).

So that all...NOT hehe. The next item I am sharing is not really a Faux find I love it so much so I had to share :D

My very FIRST...yes you heard me right...FIRST pair of Sunglasses and they are super fabulous and just for approx $8 from Splash!

Is that all? Well for now yes but see you very soon :)

Red Alice

p.s: the 'Dos' in the title means 'two' in Spanish in case you misunderstood ;)