Almost a Year ago when I saw Alia Bhatt Dancing to one of Student of the Year songs and applying colossal kajal I was anxious to get my hands on that product. Alia Bhatt has been endorsing in Maybelline products, specially the all favorite Baby lips so it was not a surprise she was using some in the Movie as well.

Anyways moving on, the product had launched in India and was not yet here so waited and waited till soon after started selling some! Yaay for me!

UNFORTUNATELY as well and I were conned into getting a Fake kajal!! After paying literally double (Rs.675) of what it actually costs right now (Rs.375), the Kajal I got was NOT dark, rich, pigmented or smudge-free. It was all those things it was not suppose to be and I instantly de-fanned myself from the product.

I didn't know that it was a FAKE till I was told by Maybelline itself to try the one they launched in Pakistan and see for myself. There have been some fake Maybelline products (made in China & Korea) which have been circulating in the market apparently) After much doubt and hesitance I recently gathered the courage to do so (bought the colossal mascara [Rs.700] while I was at it :p).

I tested the two and WOW the difference was quite clear.

The product itself is different. The Fake is a tad bit longer than the Real and has some differences in the product design which you can never tell unless you look at them together. I did some swatches here:

Fake is Left, Real is right (pardon the cuticles my Mani is due)
Smudge Test

So I have a reached a verdict. The real thing is definitely worth it. I am happy so far. Maybe its is not as smudge free or Long lasting as some exaggerate but it definitely gets me through the day and who the hell rubs their eyes like crazy all the time anyways to smudge it unnecessarily...Right?!

How to tell them apart? Well, that was tricky because they come is a closed packaging so unless you open and realize that the pigmentation is grey-ish and it smudges easily there is only one thing that I saw which might help us. The BOTTOM, yes you heard me, the pencil base is different. The REAL one has a dent and the FAKE one is flat. PLUS the Real one is a brighter yellow and the Fake one is dull and greenish yellow. (This Part was added later after observation).

A good addition to my everyday makeup pouch that I keep in my bag along with the lustrous and thickening colossal Mascara.