Recently (and it's such a colorful coincidence) I realized I have been blogging a lot on Nail colors. The cherry on the top was the Maybelline New York Blogger's event at LOPAK office a couple of days ago.

What else could it be but all about NAIL COLORS! :p They launched their Color Show range which is super delicious. These brands are killing me (not literally) with all these yumminess recently, Sigh.

It was my first trip ever to the LOPAK Office the Headquaters of L'oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline Newyork and the recent launch in Pakistan, Essie. We were greeted by the sweet Hina Saleem from Lane 12, the digital agency that organized this Beauty Bloggers' meet up. Initially I waited for the rest to join in with another Fellow blogger Naimal (peachy pout).

Nida (glittersmitter) joined us shortly and we were taken into the main conference/demonstration room. On our way there looking into office cubicles, products placed everywhere, art work of different LOPAK brands displayed, I felt like Charlie from the Chocolate factory :)

While waiting for other to arrive I cleaned my nails with Maybelline Express Nail remover. What I really appreciated was that it got rid of those stubborn nail color stains which stay inside your nails and are hard to remove from the usual cotton removing. It left my nails a bit dry but nothing a bit of moisturizer cant fix :)
There were nicely presented bunches of nail colors on the long table. They were part of a color series which you can see on the left. The names can make it quite obvious regarding WHAT kind of shades they are or finish :)
Miss Candy Collection (yum)
Miss Gem Collection
Miss Pearl Collection
Miss Neon Collection
Miss Rouge Collection

After all the Bbloggers (Rabeeyah and Sidrah) were there (and some missing) we were given an introduction of Maybelline's Colorshow which was later followed by a nail art demonstration by a talented nail artist, Sonam, from Mirrors Salon and guess who was the lucky volunteer? ME! yaay!
Step one (after top coat) was to give me a light coat of pearly white. one coat gave a light barely there, look.

Step two was to only apply the same white nail color on the tips. Kinda like a subtle twist to the french manicure.

Step three was to coat it again to give a thicker look.

Step Four and the best part: She took some blue nail color and tabbed some on the foil (keeps nail colors from drying fast when you use them for Nail Art) and started making scale-like designs on my ring finger nail.She was so precise and detailed! I was totally in awe. She finished off with a top coat.
After this we were told that we will be shown another demonstration. This time WE had to make the design ourselves. This was the first time I was actually doing nail art. Had never done in my life, ever, so I was nervous yet excited.

We all got to work. It felt like I was in kindergarten again. We were all working so intensely and attentively which I realized later when I saw the Photos!

We were suppose to choose our own colors so I picked Pink Shock and Tenacious Teal as the main colors, Porcelain Party for alternate nails to compliment and balance, Onyx Rush to add detail.

In the end we first critically reviewed our own art work and then admiring others nail art. I must say everyone did a pretty decent job though :)

After a lot of 'Posing' and some delicious snacks I had to leave because I had a meeting to catch ( I was already late with all this colorful distraction!)

The Color Show Bblogger meetup was a great experience. met other lovely fellow bloggers, had fun with the Maybelline and Lane 12 people (really friendly) and last but NOT the least ended up with a gorgeous, drool worthy Goodie bag + nail colors of our choice. I HAD to choose Pink Shock ofcourse and Lucky me got an extra one too Yippee <3
Ok so as far as HOW the nail polish is concerned I have had it for four days and no chipping. I accidentally, however, whacked my hand on a pole and got a scratch on one of the nails :( My bad. The color are glossy and I am planning to get some jewel tone ones. As far as price is concerned their is no set price and depending on the color you select it ranges from between Rupees 350 to Rupees 550/- (if I am not mistaken). its easily available in most stores and you can even buy it online from

Go add some color in your life to. Instant Happiness!

Red Alice