When you get invited to an Eid Bazaar you expect a crowded Mela with families with rowdy kids, gawking eyes which feel like laser piercing through your clothes, sweaty, smelly people and small table like scattered stalls. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is present to buy and sell. I was contemplating about going but Muneera, Tehmina and Mohsin had very sweetly asked me to swing by so I went for support BUT I am glad I went and here is why:

EID BAZAAR proved me wrong.When I stepped into the exhibition space for a second I was wondering if I was at the wrong place. The space was beautifully setup and the entire Art Direction was really contemporary and classy. Lighting was quite moody yet it highlighted the products clearly.

Fellow Blogger Owais.H

Every Kiosk had its own brand personality and positioned along the walls of the exhibition space.

The center of the exhibition space was divided into two main exhibitors on each end (Sabs Salon & Multi-Designer Lounge) and the center was a display show of selected Designers. Sabs Set up look super fabulous!

The Music was nostalgic and happy, consisting of old Pakistani Pop songs.

Marvi with Zahabiya

The Price range was really reasonable (even starting from Rs.2500) and the designers present were very diverse and most of them very friendly. There were Apparels, Jewelry, Bags and Clutches, Home accessories and interesting enough I even spotted Kiosks of NGOs (The Citizen Foundation & The Kidney Centre) present as well. Some of the favorites worth mentioning are The Pink Tree, Designs by Zahabiya, Couture, Palette, Saba Pirani and Sa's. All brands/vendors present were carefully handpicked and approached by the organizers. Rida and Zarnakh, Celebrity Chefs (check out Masala TV, Pakistan), apparently have started designing clothes and their brand was showcased there too. Amusing.

Posing with The Pink Tree favorite<3
Ali (Couture) & Saba Pirani

Saba Pirani's Kashkol Bags
Palette (Thinking of this one for EID)

Owner of SA's looking graceful 

The outdoor courtyard had the Red Carpet arrangement as well as refreshments for the visitors. I spotted a few models flaunting designer dresses, some celebrities and great number of media people covering the event or just visiting the Eid Bazaar.

I will repeat I AM IMPRESSED. I want these kind of Eid Bazaars to happen more often, where we can go, shop, relax without getting molested or pushed over. I am super busy so I rarely get time to shop and Eid Bazaar is just the place for Busy people who want a great ONE STOP SHOP solution for Eid and the upcoming wedding season. I actually ended up booking a dress for EID! Yaay!

An interesting fun activity was an added value to the shopping experience. When the people were leaving they were able to take 'Selfies' through a BIG touch screen present at the exit and it was instantly uploaded on Facebook! A totally cool promotional idea.

Hats off to Production [021] and S&S Events for organizing such a great experience. PR was done by TakeII PR&MArketing. The Eid Bazaar was for only two days but I hope these guys return soon!

Red Alice

Owais & I posing for the Selfie Cam!

On the red carpet