Hello People!

After taking care of a LOT of pending tasks at work (piled up due to my stupid two week long viral infection!) I finally get time to BLOG!

I must add that blogging is a responsibility at times. Even though its fun, one must be dedicated and take it seriously. Specially when you consider it a passion. I might delay things, BUT I eventually get to it because communication is essential :)

Anyways. So I went to the launch of yet another Multi-Brand Store launch recently. Launched in The Ocean Mall, Karachi a week ago  Designer's Lounge is the mastermind of the talented duo Alia Sajjad and Rahma Ibrahim. It will be showcasing Accessories, Semi formal and Formal Apparel with a mix of both eastern and western looks. There is also a Brand of designer Abayas and Burkhas for women which I found amusing and actually very well designed called Al-Aneeq. Our reputable names on the list of the showcasing designers are Shayanne Malik, Zainab Chottani, Nighat Tariq, Ruby Shakil, Madiha Gohar, Shaista Bari, Nadya Yousuf and Nadia Illahi.
Apart from these clothing brands I spotted accessories as well as shoes by RED which are definite MustHaves.

Overall clothes were quite diverse (duh!). There were some good designs as well as the typical mainstream ones (which is fine because people buy a LOT of mainstream designs as long as they are reasonable!). Pricing was decent. I liked the white embroidered collection by Nighat Tariq. Khush Bakht Shujjat, who was also attending the launch was also spotted wearing her design.

I find Khusbakht Shujaat quite graceful and she is definitely one of those Politicians who stand out and are likable (by most people at least).

Compared to a lot of Shop launches this one was breathable. The Showroom space is good and the interiors are sophisticated with not too much drama. That is always a Good thing. When we are showcasing such colorful products which should make sure the surrounding environment is not busy other wise it seems cluttered. Designer's Lounge is very Structured yet Modern with a two levels to showcase the designers. For once I didnt have to squeeze my way in between smelly cameramen to capture the Fashion Presentation! hehe.

The Multi-Brand store is located in The Ocean Mall, Clifton which is a very prime location. A lot of designer brands have been opening up their showroom s there recently. If you want direction I suggest Google Maps :) or you can check out their FaceBook page. Eid is coming so I suggest when you run out of time to get something made to order you can add this store to the List of places to visit for Ready made Eid clothes ;)

The launch event which was organised by TAKEII featured a fashion presentation choreographed by Moiz Kazmi,the hair and make-up of the models was done by Angie Marshall,where as famous drama celebrity MOMAL SHAIKH was the host of the event.

It was a very decent gathering. Delicious fresh hors d'oeuvres and unique blend of drinks, media, socialites, bloggers and journalist, the whole shabang :)

A good event to attend before Ramazan began.
Designers Lounge Fashion Presentation from Maliha Rao on Vimeo.

Angie Marshal
Ayesha & Alia

Hina & Mujahid

Madiha & Shaista

Maha & Sehrish

Momal Shaikh


Tehmina & Naila

Tina Sani