Quite a while back Essence Cosmetics had come up with a range of Circus Circus Cosmetics with Eyeliners, highlighters, nail colors etc. The entire range is full of vibrancy and color and reminds me of Moulin Rouge. using these products automatically sets you in a HAPPY mode. I dont have all of them but I will review the ones that I got my hands on, Starting with my favorite, Applause Applause red Nail color.

I have been on the look out for a red glittery / shimmery nail color that screams delicious and finally bumped into one while grocery shopping at a nearby mart. Applause Applause is part of the Circus Circus Cosmetic range by Essence. Its a Dual ended nail color, red glossy nail color on one end, and red glitter gel on the other.

The product claims: layering the glitter on top of the color can give a 3D effect. Well Honestly our fingers already are in 3D...no? hehe

Well Jokes apart I am so in love with this product I actually ordered another as I know I will run out of this one soon, specially because I am a red freak and use the color in almost everything I own, a LOT!

For starters the color has a very smooth consistency and the applicator brush is nice as well. I am quite messy when it comes to apply nail color and this brush helped a lot in making me LESS messy. 
It drys super fast so you can apply the glitter gel soon after. The nail color is a little hard to remove with the glitter speckles but that wont stop any of you from reusing it :) 

Essence is one of my favorite brands these days, specially for Eyes and Nails! they have some pretty amazing and interesting products. They never fail to amaze me :)

I got mine from a shop near my house but you can also order it online from Just4girls.pk for Rs.430 or try other shops which usually stock Essence as its getting more and more famous and delicious. I am seriously Loving all their products and want to buy everything. Hope I dont go bankrupt with Essence!


Red Alice