Karachi was on heat and as usual my day was crazy and long, even on a weekend. Father's day rush, a quick trip to my dermatologist (I messed up my toe nail sigh) and my dentist and then hurried over to Wardha Saleem's Lawn shoot.

Guilty as charged...I have finally fallen for lawn *blush* and I was so not a Lawn person. Well maybe I am still not really a three piece lawn suit person but I am definitely a sucker for colorful, crazy prints and breathable fabric :)

So huffing and puffing I reach a house which is uber gorgeous inside out and out with one of the most amazing collection of paintings. The luxurious house was a great setting for the Lawn Collection Shoot.

I saw Tapu shooting Sanam Saeed at the entrance area as I walked inside the gate and the first thing that came to my mind was "Oh my God they are shooting outside in this insane heat!"

After the sticky meet and greet (and a bit of drooling over the print Sanam was wearing) I headed to the room occupied for changing and makeup. There I spotted "The Shariq" of the super famous Shariq Textiles we see on ALMOST every board in every season. No one really knew much about him cause he is more of a business man who focuses on the work and not in front of the media so here is a Photo for you the ones who wondered.

Super hot (literally) and fun. Mostly because everyone present was helping out and teamwork was at it's peak. I was also impressed by the positivity. 8 outfits, two variations each and shooting from morning till night without a frown.
The shoot was done by Tapu Javeri: The backdrop for the rich and luxurious mansion which was utilized and captured through well composed frames by Tapu.
The behind the scenes and style presentation shoot was being shot by Nubain Ali who is Wardha's brother and official creative Director of Wardha Saleem Brand and super talented. Yu can see the latest style presentation here.
Makeup was by N-Pro. They gave a Pop of color to Sanam coordinating with every outfit. My favorite was the updo bun which complimented Sanam and the outfit purrrrfectly :)

Funny enough. I wanted to tease Sanam Saeed so I called her Shafaq but the joke was on me. The Television Drama series "Zindagee Gulzaar Hai" which gained fame with her as the lead character was called Kashaf, NOT Shafaq. Whooopsie! The super chic Sanam was a good sport and threw no tantrums about the heat and was really cooperative. Sign of professionalism. she was given different looks according to the color and style of the stitched Lawn. My Favorite looks were as follows:

Wardha has taken the crown for being the queen of beautiful Kitschy, psychedelic. The fusion of cultural and traditional elements with a retro-ish geometry was juxtaposed flawlessly. Some of my favorites of the collection are an evolution of her previous infamous digital print concepts: Folk Play and Doodle Junction.
The chiffon dupattas are a canvas of surreal landscape and dreamlike imagery. Some are reminiscence of Escher-like imagery. The price is extremely affordable compared to most designer lawns out there. Only rupee 3,150/-
I havent gotten my hands on one yet so cant do the shrink and color test but if they have made sure the quality is good then that means all the way :)
The Lawn will be available in all leading Lawn Stores from the 27th of June including not only Pakistan but also Bangladesh, India, UAE, USA, Canada and Australia. Plus they will be available for online sales as well.

I made a small montage of video and photos for your pleasure. The quality is not that awesome but considering it's a Mobile Phone its still not bad either. Lets hope I get my hands on a better compact camera (I have a bigger SLR but dont like carrying it around!). So far Q-Mobile is my hero :p

Interesting things spotted at the shoot:
Designer Coke Can
Snacks even in the bathroom! Awesome!

Fuji Vintage looking Digital Camera

P.s: Someone recently said "Can't you women have enough of lawns?" BEWARE! there is no such thing as having enough Lawns, shoes or anything deliciously trendy ;)


Red Alice