Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan embraced technology further and launched its Mobile app for easy banking this Thursday 30th of May 2013.

First launched in Singapore about 18 months ago, Breeze is a global mobile banking app for SCB customers and Pakistan is the seventh country to have it. The free app can be downloaded on iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and Symbian phones. All one needs is an internet connection. SCB aims to provide online banking on the go to people with smart phones.

I am already a SCB customer so it was a pleasant news for me. I will be using the app to keep a check on my bank balance the most (considering I give into shopping temptations these days!). It will be super helpful. You can also pay bills, transfer money and check your online bank information through this app.

I didn't get a chance to download it yet but I did experience the app at the event.

The best thing is that its secure. the second you log out you have no connection with SCB. It doesn't even have a Cache system so our information doesn't leak out.

The should was Hosted by Nadya Hussien and the two main highlights were Usman Riaz, who performed live, and Naeem's Dance troupe, who did an experimental freestyle conceptual dance explaining how Breeze work.

Usman Riaz was as phenomenal as ever. I managed to record a bit of his performance here. 

The Dance Performance was quite Long I am only posting the end part which was not that bad :)

The only thing that didnt make sense to me was when the model Fauzia came on stage at the end of the dance performance in a hood and unveiled (or that's what it looked like) in front of everyone as if she was the Breeze card :/ So utterly unnecessary to the otherwise smooth evening.

The evening ended with Sailing boats customized with SCB branding lighting up the marshes at the back of Carlton Hotel, Karachi.

The Event was simple, short and sweet. The best thing was we got home on time (Even after stopping at SPLASH to check out the Clearance sale and being utterly disappointed!)

Red Alice Rao