I am not afraid to experiment with makeup or fashion. Infact I enjoy it. I am, however,  extremely practical when it comes to purchasing things (though to many may not believe me). before buying almost anything I think "HOW much do I need this" and then check my pocket as well.

I have been wanting to get some neon nail colors as well as searching for a Tiffany blue nail shade (or close enough) buy was not to happy with what I found (no matter what brand I came accross).

Now the thing with neon nail shades is that I know I am not going to use them a lot so didnt want to spend a lot of money and just use it a couple of times. I was in luck. 

I went to Vicky's Cosmetics (Khadda Market Defence, Karachi) to get some makeup sponges and spotted some Nail colors of brands Dierli & Dierlee which was unheard off. Funny how they were similar with just a difference of the double ee in their names :p I still went ahead and tried them and ended up buying three :)

This Nail Colors are just Rs.150 each which is great for trying them as well as using them a few times without making a dent in your wallet :)
Unfortunately these nail shades have no names of their own OR number so you can only identify them through their colors at sight.

Here is what they look like. I used double coat for each and the application brush was quite nice (though I am the messiest person when it comes to applying nail color!)


Nails FAQ:

  • DONT wear Nail color for more than 3 to 4 days to avoid yellowing of nails.
  • DO soak your nals in warm water with a little lemon juice and olive oil to moisturize and lighten yellowing nails.
  • DO moisturize hands and nails every night and take Hair and Nail vitamins.

Red Alice