I JUST got home with  big headache. Its 12am and even though I am tired, drained and sleepy I open my laptop and start writing this blog because I need to let it out (and make a point).

After work today and being dragged into ridiculous conversation which didnt have any end I ended up with a friend who was helping me with my upcoming Blog giveaway and sale. we had a good time chilling out and had dinner, til it was time to leave.

Apparently her DIVA driver decided to go sleep way before his bedtime. The driver, even though paid for full time, decides to come late to work and leaves way before he should. On top of that he actually whines and complains all the time and keeps asking for extra money. Very much a DIVA Driver.

NOT considering that an issue I called a rent-a-cab company (not going to name on purpose) and asked them to send someone in half an hour as it was getting late. After waiting for an hour we called the company again and were told the cab has been waiting for us already. Odd, they always message or call when the cab is there but didn't do it this time. After exchanging goodbyes with my friend I headed down to the parking lot and found the cab but no driver. Waited for 10 minutes only to find out that he had gone for a smoke and assumed I will take my time coming out? I got pissed and the conversation was something like:

ME: It was not nice of you to just leave! I was waiting on the road. You cant really ASSUME I will take my time, plus you did not inform me that you are here which you guys usually do.

Cabby: Listen madam its not like you own me so I will do as I please. So what if I went for a smoke? Its not the end of the world you know. You waited a bit, so what?

Me: (Fuming. He pressed the wrong button) FYI till you drop me home I do actually sort of own your SERVICE as you are not really dropping me off for FREE. PLUS you  just made the biggest mistake of your bloody life by giving such a God awful answer.

Cabby: Is this how you talk to someone your father's age! You should behave your self. If you have a problem talk to the Cab company I will do what I please ok!

(My Jaw literally Dropped!)

Me: Excuse me? YOU are telling ME to behave? A father doesnt misbehave or make his daughter wait out in the streets and runs off to smoke either so please cut the crap and drop me home before I call your company. You are not doing me a favor I am paying to to drop me home and dont need to listen to this Bulshit! (I yelled, didnt feel good doing so, but that was surprisingly the only way I was able to shut him up because he was getting more and more cheeky and obnoxious).

All the way home I kept going over the conversation I will have with the Rent-a-Cab company. How I will tell them I will write how bad they are, pull some media strings and get them into further shit if they dont fire the guy for such shitty service, etc etc. The anger just made me want to bash the drivers head. Aaaargh!


When he dropped me home I tipped him EXTRA told him to listen very carefully without interrupting to what I have to say IF he doesnt want to loose his job. He was quite Attentive :p

Me: You should know I can very easily make you loose your job, but I wont.

Cabby: Sorry Madam. . .

Me: Sorry is not the point. The point is that you have a responsibility, to yourself as well as your family. You also have a responsibility to me. If I choose to pay triple the amount to ask for your premium cab's service, which by the way I could have saved by using a regular cab or a Rikshaw, then I deserve good service. You should know how to approach your customers. You cannot and should not ever say wrong things to them like "you dont own me" or get personal because its not professional. Be polite, not just with me, but with every client. Most of all think of the family you are providing for. They will suffer because of your bad behavior and attitude.

The expression on his face was priceless. He gave me a lot of blessings and told me he wishes me well and prays that I succeed in life as I deserve it (sweet of him). till I got out of the car and walked off he was going on and on with the blessings and prayers.

The Moral of the story is that even though the Cabby was wrong I would not have been able to make a better difference if I had been negative and pissed in return so I changed the situation. Him losing his job would not make me gain anything, or him. This is something hard but once you let go and choose the positive path the feeling is unbelievable.

I know I will sleep in peace with a smile on my face now.

Good Night.


Red Alice