Alaa, as his name means "WOW" for us in Urdu, is simply that. The eccentric Arab who took the desi hearts all over the world by a storm by his Bollywood hit rendition of "Pehla Nasha" and then later " Jiya re". So you can imagine how truly excited I was when he actually replied humbly to my email, agreeing to give me  an interview.

We would have chatted online if he was not busy and I honestly wish him well and hope he stays busy touring and doing acapella shitzles *goosebumps*
Whats so unique, or should I repeat "Alaa" about Alaa? This acapella You tube star can generate more instrument sounds then an all star band!
 Ok so maybe I am exaggerating just a bit but his talent is truly mind blowing. See for your self:

1. Being an Iranian, residing in Saudi Arabia. How did that still lead to Music and that too leading to Bollywood hits and in Hindi/Urdu language?

Raising up I started to realize gradually my love and passion for making music especially since my family all love music and mostly play an instrument as a hobby, by the time I was going to college I decided to take it seriously and study music as a major, so I studied music in Jordan for 4 years, after words a year of sound engineering which both made me capable of making such music and videos on youtube..

2. How did you learn urdu (hindi) or is your understanding limited to just the lyrics and not beyond?

My mother was raised in Mumbai till she got married so she loved watching Hindi films while we were kids, so I picked it up as a child and growing up and visiting India a few times and being highly influenced by the hindi music and films I kind of started learning more and more.. my understanding is not bad but speaking is very weak and writing is impossible!!

3. Epiphany that you want to be a Musician / Singer? How, when, what?

Just finished high school and had to chose a subject to study as a major in college so I chose music thinking that I would do better in then other subjects. Having my families support with that decision I proceeded.

4. What lead to Acapella?

Have seen a lot of Americans making it on youtube so thought of doing one in Arabic! I did and its went viral so I made more and more..

5. Juxtaposition of meaningless with meaningful lyrics? Even senseless things are justified in my opinion. How does it help your music piece?
Not sure if its helping! Its a style that need to be accepted at least by minority if not majority.. not something I've invented but first to use it with arabic lyrics maybe!

6. If you had a choice between pink pants or purple pants which one would you chose and why? NO is not an option, you have to pick one ;)

I would pick pink cause my name "Wardi" means Pink in Arabic ;) so it wouldn't be a hard choice really!

7. Which song do you remember being the first one you ever heard or remember as being the first?

I dont know remember!

8. Do you feel that singing in Urdu (hindi) and English expanded your fan following and outreach, even though your Arabic songs are also good (I may not understand Arabic but composition and beats are quite mature)?

The normal formula for any famous international artist is that they're signed with a label and that label spends millions and millions to make sure everyone in the world have heard of that artist and his/her music! But for a local independent musician like me that option is not possible! So the only way to promote myself and to reach to more and more people is to make acappella videos on youtube using different languages. That alone won't get me to a label but It will surely make more people hear my music therefore make more people happy and that's the main main goal.

9. You sell your music in the most convenient way which shows how supportive you are of the cause of distributing good music. When you get extremely rich (Inshallah) will you continue selling your music for less or free?
I'm afraid rich is not an option for an independent music living in Saudi Arabia and making videos on youtube.. of course every track I make will be available on youtube and that by itself is free sharing other than that the sales are more of donations from listeners to support my music and that will always motivate me to make more music, not the money but the act of support that I always get from listeners..

10. If you could take a One month trip to ANYWHERE in the world and Money were not a consideration, where would you go and what what would you do?

I'd find a flute or clarinet player somewhere, go to him and book him for a full month and learn a new instrument by practicing all day long :D

11. What was the last thing you ate and drank?

12. The first thing that comes to your mind when I say RED?

Blood :D \o/

13. What are you doing (hopefully) 5 years from now?

Making music hopefully :)

His acapella versions of hit Holly and Bolly numbers are a rage on YouTube 'Pehla nasha' has over 862,000 hits and 'Jiya re' 395,000. AR Rahman has appreciated it, as has Neeti Mohan, the Jiya re singer.

Support this amazing talent. you can actually buy his music, or get it for free. I say buy it as you have an option of paying whatever you want which is BRILLIANT and honestly he deserves the support!!