By the time I got to IVSAA for the launch of Tapu Javeri's second Photobook my nice, blow dried hair were flat as a flitter. Karachi was on heat, the feeling of sticky-ness was crazy. It was a  blessing that the the event managed by Catalyst PR & Marketing was sponsored by Magnum, free chocbars! Yaay!
Humidity killed my Hair!
Free Magnums yaay!
The launch for the second Tapulicious book which, as Tapu quoted, "Is a celebration through the years of not just fashion personalities but interesting people from different backgrounds, pulling out unseen images from my extensive archive, Tapulicious 2 packages and delivers them in an engaging way."

Tapu is a Multi-Talented individual who has proven to prove the idiom "Jack of all trades, master of none" incorrect.. An Artist, Photographer, Designer, radio host and very few may know he has worked with jewelry designs as well (he is a Javeri after all!). His diverse talents often create mixes inspired by each other. Tapu's photography is artistic yet has a stylish flavor to it as well. You will spot a lot of familiar faces in this book from different walks of life. Anushey Ashraf, Nadya Hussien, Boney M, Fawad (hearthrob?) Khan, Babra Sharif, Feeha Jamshed and even Jr. Bhutto Boy amongst many.

Moiz Kazmi with his
Tapulicious Copy

Tapu is one of the LOVED personalities because the place was full of friends, family and media. It was not crowded thou (Thank God) and the set up was simple and not over done. The Karachi heat didnt stop the Fashionistas from dressing up. Spotted many in silks and georgettes! Tappu himself was wearing one of his Customized Tapulicious Jackets made by Wardha Saleem.

The book was published by Markings Publishing. Kiran Aman of Markings Publishing wore a very interesting looking printed Saree with elephants and Moghul Minature inspired print. I spotted Rubya Chaudhry and Maida Azmat wearing Wardha Saleem. Feeha was of course Feeha Jamshed.
Hats off to all the women for donning themselves in Silk, Georgette,etc which I would probably die in, in this heat!
Any hoot I had fun meeting a lot of people I had lost touch with and socializing. A 'Chilled-out" summer event.
Feeha Jamshed
Khalid and Tehmina with the boys
Kiran Aman
Rubya & Maida
Looking gorgeous
in Wardha Saleem


Red Alice