The last and final day of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013 was finally here. So far according to the schedule the line up looked great so I was anticipating a lot!

The High Street segment was opened by MK Nation by Karma. The theme of the collection was 'Ode to Lahore'. The collection was hip, screen prints and machine embroidery, a fusion of modern and classic Lahore. The best thing about the collection was that it was extremely ideal for the hot summers in Pakistan with fabrics including lawn, cotton & chicken material. The Imran Khan, screen printed, shirts took everyone by a storm. A big 'LIKE' for MK Nation!

Next up was 'Kayseria Pret' , a debut pret collection by Kayseria with diverse inspiration from folk art, traditional heritage and contemporary evolution. The mix of this created some interesting pieces. The collection was divided into Three segments, Rawayat, Virsa and Kontemporary. With each line boasting an individual colour palette as well as silhouettes. I was not too excited about the Truck art elements they tried to incorporate. As I said before, almost every designer is experimenting with Truck art these days, some do it right, some wrong, Kayseria was not too impressive with this element. It was too predictable for my liking.
The collection is quite diverse and requires an acquired taste in general.

Coco by Zara Shahjahan was the third in the line up of High Street segment. A fresh palette, lots of color blocking and simple silhouettes, sprinkled with floral, asian inspired, embroidery. Although it claimed of being androgynous I saw nothing but femininity through out the collection.

The final High street collection for The Working Woman by Adnan Pardesy. The collection was called 'Inclined' though I dont know why be even inclined to name a collection unless its necessary. A procedure to be followed by all designers maybe? I find most of it unnecessary though.
The collection was hip, basic and from the looks of the clothes, definitely affordable for most of us. the only issue I had was that a lot of these were thin fabric which in the real Working Women world is a BIG no no. we cannot flaunt our assets like that. Every woman doesnt like wearing a camisole / slip in a hot weather. the lesser layering the better. So maybe this can be kept in mind next time?

After a break of approximately 30 minutes the Act 1 of day 4 opened with Fiaza Samee's SS2013 collection. Her collection was based on her inspiration from her trip to Central Asia and fused with the Romantic, vintage of the old Russian Czarists. The combination led to beautifully juxtaposed prints which created eclectic apparels. The silhouettes were feminine and comfortable with an array of styles from Loose comfortable pants, tunics and separates.

Next up was Maheen Karim with her SS 2013 collection 'Paradise'. The color palette was very Caribbean so the name of the collection seemed quite apt. The splashes of color on silk were refreshing and can even be placed in the Resort collection other than Luxury Pret. I was not too excited about the embroidery designs used on some of the clothes as they didnt looked a little mundane.

Follow after Maheen was a group of emerging young designers presented / promoted by ZONG.
Starting with Mahgul by Nasreen Shaikh comprising of monochromatic (with hints of blue) apparels fused with prints inspired from old civil and military Gazettes. The collection was a balance mix of simple silhouettes with edgy yet subtle detail added through prints, cut and thread work.

Next on the Zong list was designer Schehrezade Sohail Muzammil showcased her collection titled Neo Nomadism. the ombre effect she used was interesting but most of the collection didn't look practical enough to be worn in real life. Experimental, creative and cutting edge but not wearable by most.

Mohsin Ali, another designer in the ZONG list, showed his collection, 'Sustainable Fashion', drawing inspiration from basket weaving. The fabric as well as the silhouettes had an organic feel and looked comfortable as well as adaptable. Even though the styling of the eco-friendly collection was done keeping the inspiration in mind, the head gear looked a little tacky.

Arooj Ahmed from the ZONG emerging talent segment was my favorite of the lot. The work was not only innovative and fun but something that we want to try on as well. You could see the inspiration of the colorful Mandarin fish (shown blow for those who havent seen it) in not just the prints but the texture and the fin like, crafted silhouettes. A big 'LIKE' for Arooj!

Daniyal Mubarak, another one of the emerging talents and another favorite from the ZONG segment. His collection encompassed inspiration Global culture which was very tasteful infused in the eclectic apparels created through different prints, cuts and styles.

Last in the ZONG segment was Hamza Bokhari's 'White Indian' Collection. The name of the collection explain the it perfectly. Its a very amusing fusion of red indian imagery shown through prints, upbeat, vogue-ish silhouettes, also incorporating the element of the White Owl, which was another source of inspiration for him.

After the Zong segment was Ali Xeeshan with his collection 'Jalsa-e-Ishq'. The presentation was stylized and dramatic and created in the form of a political Jalsa but in the name of LOVE. The collection was based on beautiful, white sheer nets and organza with filigree like embellishments. The purity of Love itself was depicted through this series full of elegant aura. Meesha Shafi was the showstopper for his show.

Act  began after a 30 minute break with Khaadi Khas which showed simple feminine silhouettes with prints inspired by different cultures of the subcontinent. With rich, regal looking designs Khaadi Khas was a safe collection, didnt see much experimentation or anything OTT (over the top).

Next came the amusing MUSE. As always the didnt fail to amuse. Okay enough of the amusement but I am not joking. I have loved their unique embellishments and flowy, alluring silhouettes and they didnt fail to impress me this time either.

After MUSE came one of my all time favorite Wardha Saleem. I have always found Wardha work eccentric, kitschy, bold and colorful. I feel happy looking at her clothes because they go with my personal style. Her latest Spring summer 2013 collection is called 'doodle junction' and thats exactly what it was; Fun, hip and doodly. the artistic prints also reminded me of M.C Escher and Aboriginal art in some places.

Last of all, after a little break came the grandest Finale of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2013 itself, HSY. He never fails to amaze. His collection had everything, elegance, intricacy, pizzazz, cherry on the top of this 4 day fashion marathon. His collection was called 'Believe' and it reminded me of wishing on a star concept as it was sparkly and blingy down to the tee.

That was all folks!
The event was fun (at least through Live streaming!) and all went well, or so it streamed ;)

Today's styling was done by Khawer Riaz and his team.The PR was handled by Lotus Client Management & Public Relations, Choreography and show production was done by HSY and team.

P.s: Photos are by of Faisal Farooqui

Red Alice