Day 3 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week fell on a lazy Sunday the 28th of April, but I still skipped the lawn segment becuase I wanted to have more energy for later so I took a nap. The main show started around 8:15 pm with Rizwan Beyg.

Its been quite sometime since Rizwan Beyg showed in Fashion week. Earlier in the fashion week we saw some of his pieces in Tapu-licious but what we are about to see is a completely new, yet inspired, perspective of Truck art. Lets say its same same but different. His collection ‘Rangg’ has been meticulously crafted using the finest fabrics including crushed chiffon, sheer silk georgette, leather and heavy silks.

First thing that I noticed were the yummy knee high boots which added texture in the color blocked, edgy, knotted, drape shirts and fitted bottoms. The bags were basic and focus was on there prints which was also a good design move. After a bit of fruit salad the collection transited into a darker look with prints on black. the funked up truck art prints on black based jacket was a winning combo.

Th black tuned to white and the truck art patterns became even more refreshing. I liked the detailing of the individually handmade designs, with added dimension  by overlaying shining chamak patti for a semi metal-like relief  and embossed effect in actual truck art. Everyone is going crazy over truck art but very few are doing it right. Rizwan is on the RIGHT path.

Zonia Anwaar's initial video presentation dragged a bit (should always be short and Sweet to be more impact) but as the model's started coming out with her clothes things quickened a bit. The overall collection called 'Configurations' was very basic with safe silhouettes and expected trends such as saris draped onto dresses, drapery, languid shapes, drop waists, cutwork and versatile separates. The colour palette ranged from citronelle green, olive and teal to ivory, cranberry and red.
Zonia is relatively new and like every emerging talent she is ambitious but I am glad she doesnt have 'over' attached to that. Baby steps into the world of Fashion Business, Good luck Zonia.

Up next was Nida Azwer with her The William Morgan & Morris 2013 collection, inspired from the works of William De Morgan, potter and tile designer and Morris, artist and designer, where fantastical birds, florals, fauna and animals were engaged as intricate and popular motifs in their work. The foliage-like intricately detailed prints were different in someway from what was presented so far and similar in art forms that I admired. A mix of east meets west, fun yet subtle collection.

Mostly comprising of Neon hues, Mohsin Ali's Collection, 'Plus Nokia' (presented by Nokia itself) was next. Now we all know how creative and Edgy Mohsin is and his work is usually OTT (over the top) but here I think we need to add another O to the OTT (and it's more like an Ooh? rather than an Ooh!). The Nokia inspired prints and cutting edge, structured silhouettes were fun but the 'added' detail of big, fat, flower on the top was not at all cherry-like. And if the flower was not enough we had a golden plushkin looking Mehreen Syed in the end. What really happened? We just hope for better OTT work from Mohsin without the extra Os ofcourse.

Sana Safinaz's collection which was after Mohsin's was an extension of their Urban Chic Spring / Summer collection shown earlier in Karachi. An extension in its true sense, prints extended into detailing, chunky necklaces and longer and more flowy silhouettes. they were sot on when it comes to Luxury pret, not to much and not to less. Comfortable and stylish.

Layla Chatoor opened up part 2 of Day 3 after a 30 minute break with her collection inspired by the vintage 1931 print ‘Ayesha’, as maintained at the coveted Victoria & Albert Museum archives, consisting of landscapes of leaves, entwining blossoms, birds, deer and sprays of florals. Drapes and Peplum skirts, autumny shades and prints transitioning into laser cut white and pale evening gowns. Some prints had an interesting chain-like-snakes effect. the laser cut gowns had a filigree lace like feel which added a elegance to the attires.

Following after Layla was Adnan Pardesy with his Pret-a-porte' collection 'Ellipses'. Elegant, minimilistic and feminine. I liked how the embellishments, mostly sequins, kora and thread-work, accentuated the form. A basic and glamorous collection but nothing to write tons about.
Last came Karma and they put on a great show! Collection inspired by 'the Great Gatsby', definitely looked like Gatsby visited Pakistan. Lots of Bead, Bling ad BW (black'n'white). The few colored ones were not too fun though, but the rest were fine. The clothes were fun and I am already a big fan of flapper dress which was incorporated here, more like flapper dresses were reinvented by Karma. a gorgeous collection which I didnt want to end.

Day 3 came to a sad ending (only cause I was having too much fun with Karma's flappery apparels).
Today's Makeup and Styling was done by Maram Abroo.
The PR was handled by Lotus Client Management & Public Relations, Choreography and show production was done by HSY and team.

P.s: Photos are by of Faisal Farooqui

Red Alice