It is a treat to find a look alike or similar product for a lesser price than the original branded product you like. It's a BIGGER treat when you find something at a price which will blow your mind (in a good way of course) . I am sharing two AWESOME Faux Pass finds of May with details so you can savor the delight as well.

Statement necklaces are a recent fad. The collar necklace, amongst those, is the must-have for your collection. I was making a Betty Boop Style set when I came across some beaded collar necklaces from different brands.

Guess: $150

Bijou Republic: $25

Seasons Online: 12.99 pounds

My heart skipped a beat because a week ago I had purchased almost the same thing from Sunday Bazaar...for just $3! A perfect OMG moment I swear!

My Sunday Bazaar Faux Find on the left.

The next similar precious find was a color block cross body bag. I first saw something similar when I was making my spring summer ombre and lace Style set.

Les Nouvelles: $385

The one I bought online for $15 at Nail Art Affordable Range on Facebook :) Ok so not very Similar but close enough to make me happy!

Faux pass finds don't need to be 100% same (though sometimes the similarity is crazy amazing!). I am quite Over joyed with mine :)