The elections are here, literally. The counting has began and there are people still waiting for their turn to cast there vote. Excitement and patriotism is at its peak (for now at least) as well as corruption. From the "Bibi abhee zinda hai" to "Mazloomun ka saathi Altaf Hussien" rants everywhere, Votes being rigged openly, ECP (election Commision Pakistan) being disorganized and at some polling stations even MISSING in action, unknown people running away with ballot boxes, army not really doing anything, and still the public fighting back and praying for a change. Elections have never felt this ALIVE. 

All this didn't stop the business of Fashion either. Along with the political campaigns we were witnessing some "Patriotic" products to encourage voting or support a certain party, the most famous being PTI. I have to give ONE confirmed credit to PTI that they motivated not just the youth but the literate masses to get out and vote. 

Fashion is never been far behind during election campaigns. I was reviewing the craziness before Obama was elected in the USA. Check out the election fashion trend:

I also came across these funky eyeglasses!

Pakistan didn't step back either with the fashion support. Other than the fact most people I came across at the polling booths were wearing green and white (our Flag's color), I spotted a lot of people wearing PTI branded clothes. Here's a peek at the the trending election fashion at the moment:

MK Nation Kurta
Mahin Hussien Tote bags

Daaman Infiniti Scarves
Tohfay Election Series
Makanatees Tshirts

P.S: Despite all the tension I voted and I hope for a better change and my parents voted for the FIRST time in their life today! :)