A strike on the 24th of April was not able to hold back fashion enthusiasts from coming all the way to Dolmen Mall, Clifton to the launch of Unbeatable at FPL (Fashion Pakistan Lounge).

I was really surprised to see a great turn out considering the sensitive city situation after the bomb blast at an MQM election camp a day ago. Maybe Karachites have become survivors and now adapt to these circumstances?

FPL, a multi brand store, recently opened its doors to Karachi a few months back and have been recieving good reviews. They cater to the high-end, mainstream market and offer a variety of options in pret wear as well as couture. Basically everything from work wear, casuals, semi formals and formals, starting from a price range as low as Rs.3000/-

They also stock jewelry and other accessories. They have over 70 designers on board, which includes Lahore as well as Karachi. Some names, amongst many, worth mentioning are, Maheen Khan, Nilofer Shahid, Wardha Saleem and Pink tree by Mohsin Sayeed.

Shahla with friends
Tehmina Khalid (Take II PR)

The Fashion Presentation was divided into two halves. The first half presented selected designers from FPL and the second part was dedicated to Unbeatable only. I will not talk about each an every designer as this blog is focussed more on introducing FPL and chit chat a bit about Unbeatable.

Anas, Rubya & Hira Lari
Maria Rao

The following video link is the fashion presentation of the first half, 16 outfits from designers stocking at FPL - Monia Farooqui, Shaiyanne Malik, Supria Rehman, Samar Mehdi, Timmas, Sanam Chaudhri, Najia Malik, Ayesha Imran, Munza HAmeed, Saba Asad, Kolachits, Hina Khan, SM collection by Samina Mangel, Nina Avj, Saba Pirani (handbags) and Forteza Lea(clutches).

Unbeatable by Shahla Rahman, an already renowned and one of the oldest pret wear brand in Pakistan, launched at FPL lounge. Shahla Rahman, the woman behind Unbeatable, introduced the concept of pret in Pakistan when it was still a tongue and brain twister.

Shahla has always aimed at creating cutting edge designs for the women of today, experimenting with cuts and drapes which are stylish and wearable by all. The showcased collection had a lot of block prints and  dyed silk giving a two tone, ombre effect. Printed cotton lawns and karandi was also seen. The fashion presentation, comprising of 16 outfits, started off with white and soft hues followed by burst of colors, and eveloving textures and fabric.

My honest opinion would be that I didnt see anything that was extra ordinary but it was good to see Shahla back in full action. I did like how she experimented with the ombre effect, which for some reason came into play a little late in Pakistan, and some block printed pieces were pretty too, but the philosophy of being cutting edge was not in play, not yet at least.

Last but NOT the least I want to point out the models Sadaf Kanwal and Ekra Fayyaz who was walking their own walk (or maybe they are just not ready yet). During the fashion presentation most models were on que and followed directions. These two, however, had a train to catch (they were not aware that trains in Pakistan are never on time!). They were completely off, would only walk halfway and return immediately. They disrupted the smooth flow of the presentation (apparent in the presentation video I posted). I was not able to see any outfits worn by them properly. Not an impressive attitude of otherwise gorgeous faces.

The fashion presentation was choreographed by Moiz Kazmi, make up and styling was done by Angie's, PR and Event Management was managed by Tehmina Khaled and her team at Take II.

DISCLAIMER: The videos are not made with a mobile phone for the sake of supporting the review only so no technical feedbacks please. Thanks.