This is Part 2 of the FPW review so do check Part 1 for a better idea. Otherwise just follow me as I talk about my review on the designers who showed after the break on Day 2.

So FPW5 Day 2 continued with Show 2. (Quite a tongue twister this last sentence eh?)

Sana Safinaz:
The Dynamic, Classy duo were up to mark with there usual stuff. Prints were decent, some borderline abstract. Bright colors balanced through bold, black and white flower prints. Tribal was apparent in most monotoned prints. There was no one main theme, a mix of all things for whoever wants it. Some individual pieces in between are worth talking about: The handmade, gold-copper-silver striped, sequined, short dress worn by Faiza was creative simplicity. The tribal-meets-ikat print on silk (I think it was silk unless it was a shiny lawn hehe) worn by Hira Tareen and the royal blue gown with diamonte straps worn by Fauzia. All three different, diverse, good.

Gul Ahmed:
I know Gul Ahmed is iconic. I mean seriously! When I do buy lawn (for my mom) I go there first, but the idea of Gul Ahmed on the ramp has never been digested by me. It never screamed Hi Fashion but as this was Spring/Summer Pret it sort of made some sense (still took time to digest it though).
The overall collection was fresh, keeping the global color and print trend in mind. I was very glad that they were more print focused, which meant that they didnt go crazy with there cuts and styling (Thank God for that!) One thing that bugged me though was that they used Afghani Zainab market jewelry for styling in a very tacky way. Why even make that effort? Without it would have been better actually. It was NOT a nice touch to a rather nice collection. Amongst all, the Mughal print, flowy poncho was quite yummy and a more traditional, green and red print worn at the end was classic. Mummy will love them :)

Hajra Hayat:
Hajra Hayat's collection took inspiration from the texture of the clothes itself. Overall the collection was very . . . well . . .Hajra Hayat-ist. Nothing stood out but none of the clothes killed me either. The soiree of oyester pinks, pearl whites and royal blues were made for trendsetters between the age of 16 to 60 (really? 60? that is quit....vast). I honestly prefer Hajra's Formal wear more than the pret. Her formals have unique design details which I failed to see in her ready-to-wear. Not as impressive as the designer herself, the pret line was an OK for me. I do want to point out one thing which really bugs me (dont know about others), WHY do we try to make a 'Kameez' pass off as a dress with bare legs? It looks very bad. Let's just stick to not making these unnecessary efforts, it'squite distasteful.

One of the collections I have been looking forward to: BAGS! 
Jafferjees is known for its qulaity, leather products but I rarely found a less traditional / modern design. This collection, however, was a pleasant surprise. They had more contemporary designs with experimenting of color blocking and use of brighter pallette, breaking away from the Jafferjees norm. I was very happy with the new, impressive designs. The concept of hip, working women was smart with the image of a ticking, 9 to 5, clock in the background and the song "working 9 to 5" playing with the models flaunting the bags on the runway. The clothes were designed by Wardha Saleem and I loved the muted shades with ombre effect, on mostly silk, which look classy on there own and didnt overpower the bags either. Styling was done by Wardha Saleem and her brother Nubain Ali.

Hasina Khanani:
Hasina is one of my favorite new designers. She is innovative and her denim wear swept me off my feet. Simply love this girl (No she didnt pay me to write this I really DO love her stuff!). Fun and original, Hasina has really taken denim to the 'Far-out' corner. Tie and dye, blinged out, embroidery and even sequined to add that extra something. I saw some lace and denim combos as well and, from what I could makeout, use of black jersey or maybe cotton? The collection, named 'Chained-reaction' aptly, was a fusion of grungy, steampunk meets Karachi. Hasina clothes should be put in a genre called Rock'n'roll chic. That says it all.

Nauman Afreen:
'Sand of Times' was a collection of sandy, earth tones, whites and off whites inspired by the traditional, classic cuts and straight, structured lines. A mix of rural and sophistication. I was bowled over by the very simple, yet creative styling which blended with the attires. I could see a bit of poetry as well. Mostly targeting men with some designs for women as well.

Deepak Perwani:
Last but definitely NOT the least my top most favorite collection of FPW5. Definitely counts as 'drool worthy!' Almost every piece made me want to snatch it and run away. Super delicious! (ok I shall try to calm down and keep my excitement under control...I will try).
Inspired by Frieda and Kharadar (the collection was called 'Frieda goes to Kharadar') I saw more of her than Kharadar but nonetheless that didnt effect my heart from beating fast. The digital print innovation has done wonders in fashion. The vibrant, beautifully styled models with big, colorful flowers over braided, rope-like Frieda hair, owned the ramp (you could see most of them actually enjoying themselves and their unibrows :p). I was already a big fan of Frieda and digital graphic print so this was like fashion orgasmic moment for me (I hope people dont go crazy over my use of . . .umm. . .words). Now I know that I may not be able to afford these gorgeous pieces of art (which I will shamelessly confess every time!) but I shall see if I can go and try them on and appreciate myself in the dressing room mirror :p 
The crazy head gear worn by Faiza was so surreal with braids hanging, reminded me of the Hindu multi-headed Gods. The bags and clutches, which followed the same inspiration and prints, were an added eye candy.

The show ended with a lot of confetti and applause (naturally) and hunger kicked in all of a sudden as I realized I didnt munch on anything during break because I was busy socializing. Oops! 

Well that is all folks as far as the Designers are concerned. I would like to add a little more. I was very impressed by Fashion Diet Fortnightly for putting together a very effective pre-event updates which were present at the beginning of the show on our seats. 

Another point I need to add is that after my comeback in the fashion media I am honestly shocked by seeing that the models have gone below zero....what happened to curves? Clothes look beautiful draped in some curves! Please girls eat something...the flatness is not flattering.

I hope my random blurbs were informative and not boring :/

I will try to bring more fun blurb-bees your way soon :)

Red Alice