Ok so FINALLY I get some time to review the new cellphone I bought: Qmobile Noir A10. I have to say that this was one of the best decisions I have made recently.

Considering the *cough cough* mobile mugging scenerio in Karachi I was a bit hesitant about upgrading my iPhone 3gs to iPhone 5 (yes laugh all you want you gadget freaks but I own a 3gs and quite happy with it. IOS has been upgraded so it runs like iPhone5 minus the camera quality and Siri who I am not particularly fond off anyways!)

ANYWAYS I thought Hmmm I will have to pay whooping 35+ thousand to upgrade one phone and then what if....Sigh.

I started asking about Qmobile and did a little research and then took the plunge. I am now a very proud owner of one :)

I was not able to come to a slightly NON technical. to the point review so I will do that here. Specs are fine but personal experience is also required which was lacking in most reviews. That is the reason why I played around with my A10 before sharing the feedback.

Well due to the formality I shall start with the specs:

This phone is available in White & Black but apparently the black one was not available in the market and I preferred the white one anyways so win win situation :)

Qmobile Noir A10 is a smart phone having a 5 inches wide IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 480 x 854 pixwl display. The phone is powered by a Dual Core processor which ensures a smoother, faster performance with android OS,v4.o.4(ice cream sandwich).

For photographers, photo enthusiasts and instagramers this phone has a 8MP camera with Auto focus and LED flash plus for the self portrait fanatic and Skypers there is a front camera option too though the quality is not that good. For connectivity there are 3G, GPS, Wi-FI and Bluetooth features.

It has a 1.48 GB built-in memory, 512MB RAM. it originally comes with a 4GB micro SD card but can support upto 32GB.

For more technical details you can check the phone specs here: http://whatmobile.com.pk/Qmobile_Noir-A10

P.s: it has an option for two sims, though I am only using one.

So PERSONAL exeperience is that I am a very happy customer. I found A10 to be kind off like a fusion of Samsung Galazy and iPhone. Initially connecting to the internet network was a little slow but after it connects the notifications, browsing, loading is good. Its already has a lot of built in apps like Facebook, twitter, gmail etc and as its an Android phone you can download more apps through Play store which is already there.

Its very user friendly and I didnt go through the manual even once! (though for the less tech savvy /clueless people its always a good idea to check the manual)

Battery life is satisfactory and honestly it depends on your usage. If we use our Phone accessively, like seriously crazy, we should not complain because the best phone with an awesome battery life will still get drained sooner.

As I have recently gotten more active on Instagram and Blogger this phone has been a BIG help. The camera quality is good and you can see it here:

Without flash in daylight (window light)

With Flash in a low light cafe (the detail and quality is good)

I will be getting a cover (apparently RED is available on order! Yaaay) as this phone will be killed in my overflowing bag if I dont protect it. (Actually anyone will be killed in my bag :P)

So overall a great buy, it costs only Rs.17,000/- and can be purchased from any good, RELIABLE, mobile sales shop.
If you want to know more about this product just ask here and I will give you my honest feedback.

Red Alice