Day 2 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week, 27th of April, was really late. I was sitting at home watching the Live Stream for my review, but I am sure it was a little frustrating for the audience there.

I skipped the Lawn segment, mostly becuase I was busy running errands and came home late.

The show start finally by 8:30 pm with Shehla Chatoor's collection inspired by the renaissance era.

Shehla Chatoor was showing for the first time in Lahore. As the model raided the ramp they looked like amazonian warriors during celebration of victory, clad in beautiful printed silk, adorned with gold chains, metallic mesh, streaming tassels and lattice-like leather cut-work embellishments.

The fabric was printed by Shehla (not literally) and one could see playful putti (anglelike creatures) in cartouches, mythic gargoyles and elaborate festoon friezes. The overall look was rich yet subtle. The detailing of prints was full of splendour and I was glad she didnt go OTT on the silhouettes which kept the focus on the beautiful prints. The clothes comprised of elegantly draped toga's, wrap arounds, cocktail dress, grecian in all its glory.

Next up was Somal Halepoto with her Spring/Summer pret a porter collection titled ‘Bahaar’. I have seen Somal's desi ethnic work which are impressive as well as affordable. Here I saw a mix of eastern and western silhouettes in silk and satin, block prints to add detailing, hues of pastels in pink and blue, the designer has also used accents of candy pink and neon, as well as black and white. Pretty much what almost every designer is doing?

The pieces were fresh? Yes, wearable? Yes, Something new? No. I feel Somal's formals and semi forals work better than pret but that doesnt mean she shuld not try to go further. I saw a bit of fruit salad happening with a couple of pieces, specially the one Nadia Hussien wore. I just hope that from upclose the finishing is good.
Most of the time all the clothes look gorgeous from afar but when we go to buy them at the shops they disappoint us with there finishing.

I do have to point out that I liked the consistency in the use of the stylized collar in all the clothes, through statement jewelry, embellishments or the element itself.

Ayesha Hashwani's Resort collection followed right after. Main focus was on separates in bright tones paired with appliqued, embroidered and printed trousers. Cottons to silks and chiffons, Ayesha used a vibrant colour palette including canary yellow, lime, tangerine, fuchsia, teal to shaded fabrics. My concern however was they it didnt look RESORTY from anywhere, atleast not for any resort in Pakistan. Certain pieces were too 'Blingy" for resorting. I did, however, appreciated the piece worn by Rubya (shown below) but I wont be wearing it to the resort. The collection didnt make much of a bang. After watching her clothes it was apparent that she definitely caters to a niche market and they will be very happy to wear these clothes to there resorts and enjoy the summer heat. 

Nickie Nina, with their Spring/Summer pret a porter collection titled ‘Swinging Byzantium’, were anything BUT pret a porter. They are better with their formal apparels and it became apparent as the collection starts tilting towards more embellishments. With colors such as gold, black, burnt orange, poppy red, lemon zest, Monaco blue and royal blue nectarine, the collection is based in rich fabrics such as silk, net, chantilly lace with digital prints, block prints and stone and swarovski crystal embellishments. I spotted a "Peek-a-boo" as well. The collection seemed out of place amongst the others and if you notice (or maybe its just me) some tops really looked like they needed a bottom.

At 9:17 pm the 1st segment eneded with a 30 minute break in between and finally restarting at approximately 9:47 pm.

Feeha Jamshed showed the TRUE meaning of understanding the use of Monochromatic through this collection. The silhouettes followed her signature cuts consisting of a variety of pants: cigarette shaped, skinny harem, sailor cropped, culottes, draped pants and pixie tunics with a slight safari vibe. The prints were quite retro-ish and the transition from black and white to mettallics was gradual yet impactful. Experimenting with array of surfaces, techniques and fabric,such as sequined, embroidered fabrics and leathers, just added value to setting this collection apart. Next time anyone asks me what monochromatic means I will point them to the direction of her collection as it sets a perfect example.

Yahsir Waheed showcased his Spring/Summer collection titled ‘Ai No Corrida’ meaning, the realm of senses. This collection was a tribute to the vibrant folk art of Pakistan. The prints used were fun, the clothes? Not so much. The rounded exaggeretted sleeves and the whole form was too "Poofy". Unless you are a size zero (most people are not) you will look fat in these clothes. I appreciated the prints, Truck art used in a different way, but that was it. Stick to what we are good at and you can never go wrong, like I prefer NOT to bake ;)

Asifa & Nabeel, collection titled ‘Par to Noor’, which translates to ray of light. The collection is entirely inspired by Omar and his work – an artist with life altering disabilities, who has met everyday challenges through his art. I mostly went blank looking at this collection. Will people hate me if I dont give it a 'LIKE" becuase it's inspired by the art of a disabled person? I couldnt help it. The only striking piece was the jade gown in the end (shown below). Overall very basic, nuetral muted shades mostly, Koti cuts interesting, simplistic.

After yet another 10 to 15 minutes break Fahad Husseyn finally came on board! Phew!
It definitely was an 'Other World-like" experience. The cuts, prints and embellishments were edgy to the Eee! The collection, named ‘Praxus’, means a mythical inspired imaginary world of warriors who fight for love. In order to further covey his inspiration the designer used colors like ivory and shades of metallic gold coupled with limited edition silk prints, custom designed fabrics and flock prints on net. The collection pieces also featured metallic embroideries along with silhouettes and patchwork used to create desired optical illusions in crystal facets.
The prints were innovative. Looked like an Ink-blotted world seen through a Kaliedoscope. Crazy head gear, stylized adornments, OTT styling added detail, enhancing the Praxus experience.
The last piece was a definite "WOWZER". Fahad Husseyn made the wait worth while.

Day 2 ended with applause and people hurrying out with HSY's assuring voice booming in the background "It's still before Midnight (it was 11:47 pm) and noone has turned into a pumpkin yet" ahahahha Good Ending :)

Today's Styling was done by Toni&Guy.The PR was handled by Lotus Client Management & Public Relations, Choreography and show pruduction was done by HSY and team.


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