Yes, I said UNDERWEAR!
What if politicians were like underwear? The right one is considered a National Trust right?

You see if political leaders were like the right kind of underwear:
  • We could change them frequently
  • They would give us security & support
  • They would make us feel comfortable and make is easier to breathe
  • The right ones are there for you yet they dont "show off"
  • We could trust them with our "Assets". They cover up your ass (and other things) when you need them too

You see the wrong one can: 
  • Crawl up your ass
  • Snap under pressure
  • Some don't have the strength to hold you up
  • Some get a little twisted
  • Some are cheap and just plain nasty
So think carefully before you cast your vote!
This very short and sweet post was dedicated to that right underwear, oops, I meant Future Leader of Pakistan. Cheer!

P.S: Artwork is by me but not original. I used elements to put it together. its a digital painting as I am not an illutrator. More of a concept art than illustration, put together to support the written material.