A crazy earthquake hit Karachi on 16th of April, and my head was still buzzing but I was still on my way to Hira Lari's Summer Lawn Launch. When I reached there I realized I was not the only one who didnt head back home to recover from the shock and headache left by the quake.

The event was at Cafe Flo, it was hot, overcrowded (a natural phenomenon in Lawn events) and I was a little spaced out (a natural phenomenon for me in overcrowded lawn events). When I finally found myself crammed with the rest of the media people I felt a little in place.
The event and PR was managed Tehmina Khalid and her team at Take II. Fashion Presentation was choreographed by Moiz Kazmi, hair and makeup was by Sabs Salon.

The path was cleared in the centre of the main room. Selected models strutted accross the room, showcasing Hira's best prints. Lots of twirling and swirling of duppattas.I am not a lawn lover. I cant breathe in a three piece suits, BUT I can appreciate the prints and designs nonetheless.

Hira Lari's summer collection is inspired by nature, folk patterns and silhouetted looks. The colors were quite random and laid out into purples, light pinks, red and orange tones, bright colors, red and blacks, monochromes, quite a pallette of some unusual color mixes with ordinary patterns. I actually liked the one Hira was wearing herself in the form of a hip jumpsuit. I like the print on print overlays and found the duppattas more attractive then the suits.

The purple ombre (gradient) effect with applique neck piece on one of her lawn was a nice touch. The embroidery on some prints, though common, was effective. Mathira was the show stopper of the short but sweet walk of the evening :)

We will find out in a few days if Hira's lawn collection is a hit or a miss and it takes no time for products to go out of stock which can only mean two things: The lawn is a supper success OR a super fail.

I wish all the best to Hira. Her lawns are available in all leading Lawn showcasing shops. I made a few clips for viewing which you can see in the video here.

Red Alice