Yes I am a "Rikshaw User" and very proud of it (though I desperately need to learn how to drive soon!).
"Fasla Rakhien, warna pyaar ho jai ga"

I like the wind in my hair (at most times) and the freedom of jumping out if God forbids something happened, the staring eyes of aunties in white corollas passing by, seeing a jeans clad woman, all dressed up, in a Rikshaw, red lips and all. I wonder what they are thinking sometimes, though there is no surprise wondering what men are thinking when they are staring.

I don't need to be from a certain 'Class' to use a Rikshaw. I actually use it more out of convenience. It's available almost everywhere and I dont need to wait for my brother, father or whoever. I just stop'em and go!

It's funny though, how people judge you by your ride or EXPECT you not to be using a certain kind of transport by the way you look or your Lifestyle.

I once went to meet a corporate client, a well known MNC. After the meeting when I was leaving one of the clients insisted that he sees me out. On coming out of the door he said "why dont you tell me where your car is parked. I will ask one of our guys to get it for you. It will save you time from walking all the way there".
"Oh no worries my rikshaw wala is right there" I pointed right in front of the gate where the riksha wala was waving. The expression on his face was priceless. I was flattered because he thought I had a car or maybe 'looked' or 'spoke' like I did?

At some occasion when I am heading out to go meet friends my mom has asked "what are your friends going to say when they see you in a Rikshaw?" and I say "mama you should have been worried if they were my friends because of what car I owned! Why would they care?" Apparently people do, but I dont.

Rikshaws are fun but they have cons too. From experience, and a good one, I came up with some:

  • Affordable
  • Safe-r than Taxi's for women (some may argue but most wont)
  • Suitable for the Karachi humid weather, breeze is good :)
  • Great way of not using your Phone and relaxing all the way. HATE receiving phonecalls when on the road so feel better when I call later and say "sorry was in a rikshaw, didnt hear the Phone ring" (which is MOSTLY true)
  • Sight seeing
  • You learn how to get a little immune to bumps and potholes which will never go away in Karachi 
  • You learn how to brace yourself and develop amazing brake reflexes when going over speed bumps.

  • A bit noisy but I have gotten used to it.
  • Most Rikshaw drivers think they are race car drivers, I feel like I am in a race almost every time.
  • The sudden breakdowns and you are stalled at the side of the main road while the Rikshaw wala is hitting some engine parts with a wrench? don't know how that works but 5 minutes later the Rikshaw starts nonetheless!
  • The EXTRA bounce for the women who have that EXTRA something (Whoever made the support system for bras have never experience a Rikshaw ride!)