Akira Isogawa is one of my favourite designers in the world. YES! he is amazing and I would seriously like to meet him one day. . . or Skype (that still seems more possible).
"I translate fabric into soft and romantic silhouettes, using natural fabrics like silk and cottons, which are kind to the skin" - Akira
Akira was born in Japan but is now settled in Autralia where he is one of the most celebrated contemporary fashion designers. I like his subtle and elegant fusion of traditional Japanese into modern western fashion. His clothes actually remind me of Akira Kurosawa's DREAMS at times. The everchanging colors with season and mood like the cherry blossom, the flowy fabric and contemporary patterns are simply drool worthy.

Akira’s work is very attuned to who he is. He moved to Sydney as a young man, studying fashion at the Sydney Institute of Technology and then launched his Sydney boutique in 1993. But even though his career has been in Australia, he is still very connected to his Japanese roots.
He fondly remembers growing up in Kyoto, where he was “surrounded by fabrics”, including the kimonos that his mother and grandmother wore. In turn, his designs are heavily based on this, often taking inspiration from the patterns, colours and fabrics of vintage kimonos. 

Taking these cues, he creates contemporary designs with modern shapes designed to be practical for the modern working woman: “Women who tend to like what I do are confident and independent. I want to make something that those women feel is useful and comfortable to wear. I’m inspired by strong women.” 
I find his work inspirational. I am already a sucker for most things Japanese his work is like a perfect fusion for my taste :) 

But seriously!! Most of his designs can be adapted with our eastern look as well. Thats the beauty of it all. I wont be surprised if our Lawn designers took "INSPIRATION" from his prints either. Plus I can easily sport an Akira dress over a Pallazo or Churri daar and still carry it off! 
His cutting edge yet adaptable, wearable designs are exciting. Every season I look forward to his fresh painting like prints. I hope to wear him (his clothes I mean :p) someday soon. I can order online but it would be nice to go buy it off the rack so I can feel the fabric and indulge in some eye candy before I purchase it. Plus I might need to save up to buy one of his designs!! hehe *fingerscrossed*

Red Alice