Spring is here!!

Karachi is getting hot in every aspect when it comes to spring fashion. bad political situation, chaos, riots, whatnot, yet that doesnt stop the fashionistas...we are the survivors and we live in the moment of enjoying and living the life to the fullest.

Jumpsuits are a growing trend, locally and globally. its been more than a year since there comeback but the trend just keeps evolving. This spring is all about fun, colorful light Jumpsuits.

As the saying goes, there are no ugly girls, only the lazy ones. Thanks to the jumpsuits, it’s no longer that true. Even you are too lazy to match your outfits, a fitted jumpsuit will suit you well. Updating your wardrobe with a new in jumpsuit  is definitely a fool-proof and wise choice. Look to loose fit  jumpsuits, fitted waist jersey jumpsuits and other fashion collections for a wide range of styles here: https://www.facebook.com/MariaRaoDesigns

Red Alice