About Me

Maliha is a digital communication specialist capable of managing and analyzing the effectiveness of media campaigns and digital presence as well as create engaging content to publish on various
media outlets that would highlight the company's or brand key products and/or services.

As a renaissance woman, Maliha Rao’s experience in the Creative and Digital field is solid. With over a decade of being in Media and Advertising, she brings an accomplished background that encapsulates her ability to conceive, create and manage the successful production of high-profile projects and leading the team with a sense of purpose and a record of achievement.

She is capable of providing an extensive range of design solutions, across a multitude of platforms & applications in digital media.

She also is a big foodie who loves to blog and make videos occasionally about food as well as her thoughts and experiences in life. She used to write about wider topics but is now more food-centric with her blogs.