California Dreamin Menu Tasting at La Mamma Movenpick Hotel

Food tasting anyone? Why yes please, anytime!

I was invited by a dear friend to try out the the new California Dreamin menu introduced as part of the Global food promotions by Movenpick Hotels & Resort Group in Karachi. The main concept is inspired by the evolving food culture of 70s era in California when a lot of Latin American and Asian cuisine was rising due to their simple yet delicious flavors. Latin American and Asian Food is actually one of my favorite food types other than of course desi Pakistani. I love their use of fresh produce and using basic ingredients to create masterpieces which taste wholesome and exciting.

The menu consists of a selection of dishes and I tried three, two mains and a dessert.

We were served complimentary cheese bread with some pesto, garlic in olives and garlic chilli butter. The bread was, well, like it should be. Fresh, basic and a great starter. Tip: Never fill your self with starters if you really want to relish your main course(s).

First dish from the Californian Dreamin Menu that I tasted were Crab Cakes - Freshly caught Stone Crabs with Asian Remoulade sauce. Now I was wondering about the "freshly caught" part but I do know we get fresh seafood easily considering we are a coastal city. The herbed crabs were really moist and I was glad they didn't over cook it because it would have turned into a chewy, dry mess. The batter can be slightly thinner but it was non greasy and I didnt mind it. Remoulade sauce is a great condiment for most seafood dishes, specially fried items. It has a tangy kick mixed with the creamy smoothness of the mayo. The crab cakes were seasoned well so I didn't even use a lot of sauce and enjoyed it as is.
This dish costs Pkr.2,335 + Tax

Followed up with Rack of Lamb - Best quality meat coated with Panko breadcrumbs and fresh herbs, served on a bed of bush beans. This dish actually grew on me. When I took the first bite I had mixed feelings. The meat was so tender yet the seasoning was not quite there and felt flat. The herbalicious crumb coating , however, was crunchy and earthy so made up for the slightly bland meat. The meat was cooked so well I just have to give that a plus. It was juicy, chew-able and really fresh. I do suggest a little bit improvement on the seasoning but overall I did end up finishing it all! Costs Pkr.1,975 + tax.

The Lemon & Avocado Cheesecake that was served was almost a miss, maybe. Vegan cheese cake slice served with avocado and lemon puree and a crust of coconut biscuits. Let me break this dessert down first. The Avocado and lemon puree caught me by surprise. I was not expecting it to be good, and it was. The blend of flavors; tangy, creamy, sweet, was well balanced and delightful. It was not too sweet, just right. The crust made from coconut biscuits brought the entire dessert together, completing it with its crunchy, rough texture. The vegan cheese cake center? Its not for everyone. The sweet cheese flavors are intense, rich, sharp and are very familiar to bree. For me just a few bites were more than enough so if you do plan to order this cheesecake its an acquired taste and can easily be shared with another. Costs Pkr.855 + Tax.

The overall food experience was pleasant and I would definitely go back for the crab cakes. You can find more about their food and other updates from their website HERE.

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