Go Green with Independence with Hobo By Hub

Aaaah it's that time of the year for Pakistan when we see green almost everywhere. Independence day, anywhere in the world, does things to you. It excites you, makes you emotional, makes you happy and you definitely want to dress up and enjoy the day.

HOBO By Hub has some super fun, and green, accessories which you can pair up with any outfit and make them look Independence day worthy on 14th August. Let me sweeten this deal and tell you that they are celebrating Independence Day by giving awesome gift offers till the 14th of August to all their customers. That's cherry on the top, so go get some green goodies from HOBO so others can look at you with envy!

I rounded up a few green (or close) accessories that you can find at Hobo at the moment to spruce up your 14th August Independence day look :)

For more information on shops and prices head over to HOBO by Hub's FACEBOOK Page.


  1. Oh they have some really pretty accessories. Loved your picks :)

  2. I love those bags...surely checking her page lovely post
    following you dear on GFC and others...
    Glamorous without the Guilt

  3. Such nice items from this shop
    i love it

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    welcome :)




  5. Those are great picks!

    Would love to have you follow me on www.gulezehrasblog.blogspot.com

    1. Sure following you on Bloglovin as GFC was not working and showing error. Hope you follow back too :)


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