OLAPLEX - Hail to Chemical Hair Treatments without Damage

Did you know rainbow hair is trending? Oh, but of course who is going to take the risk of going all blonde and rock that look without damaging their hair? I would because OLAPEX is there to protect my hair and I have tested it too with super satisfaction and glee.

Olaplex is the recent breakthrough technology every hair colorist is going cuckoo over! Tracey Cunningham is totally in love with it and her Instagram is there to prove it! (if you don't know who she is GOOGLE because you should). In short: Tracey is one of the top hair colorist in the world known for hair transformation of many A-list Hollywood names including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakira, and many others She is one of the most sought after colorists working today -enough said. Basically, if your colorist is not using Olaplex you need to update them.

HOW "Olaplex" came into existence:

When Dean Christal, a beauty entrepreneur, met Dr. Craig Hawker, a Ph.D in Chemistry and explained that if there was a way to prevent hair damage during chemical treatment that would be a miracle. Dr. Craig literally created the formula overnight with his partner. Talk about dedication! That's a true scientist ladies!

WHAT does Olaplex do:

When mixing the color (chemical solution) add Olaplex to the solution. When applied to your hair, the processing time increases but thats becuase Olaplex is working it's magic by linking broken bonds in the hair making them stronger than they were before the color treatment. 

According to Christal: “Basically, when you put chemicals in the hair — from coloring, or peroxide developers, or straightening treatments — the sulfur bonds split, and they then become sulfur hydrogen." This process can eat away at the hair proteins, which causes damage. Olaplex prevents the splitting from happening. In short, "It links [together] broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical processes...preventing them from damage.”


How brilliant is that! To test the theory I took the challenge of finally going for some drastic change to my hair. That's the only way I could see for myself if all the hype was worth it. I went to see Mona J with the Olaplex sample, which was provided by Aesthetic Life for experimentation. Mona suggested Balayage with Pink toning. I gulped, smiled and said "let's do this!" The rest was history and the outcome - Phenomenal!

My hair, after the entire treatment, was still soft and silky, even with the thicker texture. There was no sign of brittle, damaged hair. I was astounded and so was Mona as it was her first time testing this product as well.

Olaplex is a winner for me. I am definitely thinking of going blonde soon, my worry won't be hair damage as much as it will be my friends and family freaking out about it.

Other than the Salon treatment there is a take home solution which you can use to manage your hair further.

The cost of the entire procedure depends on your hair length, texture as well as which treatment you are opting for and let's not forget which Hair Colorist you go to.
This treatment has just been introduced in Pakistan though worldwide it has become the most sought after treatment offered by almost every renowned Salon. Ask your hair stylist/colorist to get it if they want happy clients with happier hair.

To all the Salon owners and Hair stylists, just imagine when a customer shows resistance to chemical treatment and you can smile and say, "dont worry, Olaplex hai na" (Don't worry, I have Olaplex).

So if you plan to go blonde, get intense punky colors, deep shades, while keeping your hair healthy, better do it with Olaplex. You can further watch this video:

Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham describes Olaplex Hair Product from Jack Clark on Vimeo.

For more information you can also check OLAPLEX Website or Aesthetic Life.


  1. Love your hair cut and higlights. Looking forward to this, do you have any idea which salon is providing this service.
    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's B ❊ ❁

    1. Mona J will be stocking soon I think. You can also ask Academy of Aesthetics they have a Salon List :)

  2. you are looking gorgeous in this haircut and highlights

  3. I am so glad Olapex has been brought to Pakistan soon enough! It has been everywhere! I love all that scientific jargon you mentioned above! :D I wish to be a (mad) scientist too one day! :P You look amazing by the way! Our very own Katy Perry who can rock anything when it comes to hair and I mean it!! ;) <3 xo

  4. Your hair looks AMAZING! Sold on trying Olaplex and go a bit more daring with my hair color. Great posr Maliha!
    xo N

  5. This hair color is looking super gorgeous on you. I have plans to color my hairs soon i hope i can find it some where in Lahore. Great post :)

    1. I am HOPING Salon Owners get a BRAIN and get this stuff to offer soon!

  6. Ok now let's say it! You are a life saver malihaaaa <3
    Now I won't have to worry abt the hair damage *phewww*

    1. Not at all...though you have to pray the salons start stocking it cause they are being stupid and not being proactive about it!

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