Juicy Burgers and Heavenly Shakes - The Johnny Rockets Food Experience

I already reviewed about the launch of Johnny Rockets in Karachi but recently I got a chance to go to an exclusive Bloggers Meetup there and that is when I got the real scoop about the food and place. The All American Burger franchise is more than just a nice vintage diner style restaurant, the food has more to offer as well. Lets dive into some burgers and shakes shall we?

The ambiance is definitely an add on to the food at Johnny Rockets. For many who are acquainted to the old style american culture and music (or have seen old american movies like grease, etc) they will love the vintage jukebox, the waiters dancing and laughing as they welcome customers, the diner style seating and vintage decor. Others, who may not feel nostalgia, will feel amused and entertained nonetheless.

Even though Johnny Rockets is known for is original-style burgers and thick, slurpy shakes, one can also try out the sandwiches, hot dogs and salads like Garden Salads, onion rings and oh so delish pancakes and breakfast menu, in case looking for a change. A bountiful for a stomach full :p

Here are a few things I learnt (and a few things I felt) about Johnny Rockets:

- The Original Burgers are grilled, not fried. Assuring? Why ofcourse. If you are a "Burger Lover" (I think most Pakistanis are!) this totally adds happiness in knowing you are consuming lesser calories compared to the drippy, oily ones.

- Johnny Rockets is located in 17 countries all across the world

- The meat is all MEAT, they claim that they dont have any processed food...Munch munch!

- Meat is HALAL (you can sigh in relief now eh?)

- Pricing is for the value given in form of food and I feel justifies when you take a bite of that clean, original flavor in any of their meals

- Local flavors are in the making...really? *woot woot*


Well as I had already mentioned (several times perhaps) I am not a burger person. However, every time I have tried Johnny rockets the burger was juicy and scrumptious. I even had it alone, removed the buns and all...aaah blasphemous for burger lovers! I know, eek.

The Onion ring dont feel too "Oily" like most usually do and the dip is balance making the combo quite good on its own.

The shakes...Oh the shakes....I really have no more than Mmmmmm yum when ever I take a sip. Their shakes are honestly, by far, the most delicious, thick, yummy gunk I have tasted. Butter fingers and Strawberry Oreo shakes are a MUST to try (if you have a small stomach just the shake is filling enough, trust me!)

Note to Johnny: The Fizzy Cocktails can be a bit better though.

Overall a satisfying experience and highly recommended to food lovers who like to treat their bellies right!

Go have some good old thick, juicy Burger.

Red Alice

P.s: I am tempted to go checkout their breakfast menu followed by a hearty workout of course...burps and burpies!


  1. Love johnny rockets! Wish there was one close by

  2. Yum. I've yet to try Johny Rockets and after this review, I might as well. :)

  3. I love Johnny Rockets! My two favorite things on the menu are the Tuna Melt and chocolate shake. Yummy. ChicAndAlluring.com


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