Dazz Matazz Velvet Sensation Lipstick - Passion Sorbet

When people look at my lipstick collection, which never stops growing, they ask me me "what the hell do you do with all of them?" and I just smile and reply "I PLAY with them!"

I love Lipsticks. They can say so much without me even moving my lips. Even if I have nothing on my face a bit of lipstick totally brightens up everything <3

Coming to the point, I want to share one of my summer favorites which I had on most of summer (along with a few others hehe). I have already shared my very brief feedback of Dazz Matazz Velvet Sensation before but it will be more in detail here with a delicious shade I found called "Passion Sorbet". . . Mmmmmm!

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Did you know that Dazz Matazz is owned by the same company as DMGM? Well, niether did I till recently. MAXCARE Intl, first established in England and later in Dubai, is  a Cosmetics Manufacturing Company which believes in creating a complete range of luxury cosmetics through innovative technology to revolutionize the woman of today.

The BRAND Claims:"Absolute comfort densifying, repairing hydrating action with lavender extract & Vitamin-E"


I bought this lipstick again because I obviously had a great experience last time. In my opinion this lipstick is underrated and not appreciated as much as it should be. Its a great product and one of my favorites.
  • Satin, Velvety Finish. The Cream-like formula glides on smoothly with precision.
  • Rich in Pigmentation with great color payoff
  • Long wear and fades gradually. Love the tinted effect in the end as well
  • Subtle smell which is not bothersome
  • Passion Sorbet, The shade I got, is a rich fruity pink with a very slight tint of orange. It is a little similar to Centrifuschia by Lime Crime and your lips look totally delicious when you wear it!
  • Moisturizing and actually make your lips look juicy...yum!
  • Great value for cost - This is for PKR.350 to PKR.380 (Fluctuates due to shops and location)
  • Availability - Sadly Limited. I got this from Vicky's Cosmetics in Defence, Karachi. Its not available online (I looked and didn't find anything yet, boo hoo!) If it is available I will definitely update you all <3

I Love this lippy and shade! What do you think?
If you have any more information or query regarding this brand let me know. Muah!

I would give this brand a 4/5, One less only because of restricted availability.

Red Alice


  1. Wow..nice shade..looks so creamy!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. This is a yummy shade.I have tried nail colors by Dazz Matazz & liked them :)

  3. I never tried this brand but this shade is soo yumm,, i really one want to get one :)

    1. You DEFINITELY need to try it out. Its LOVE <3

  4. It looks such a yummy shade :)


  5. Great information. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time. Lipsticks

  6. can u plz tell me where is this vicky cosmetics in defence located...I've searched everywhere for this brand but cudnt find...rply soon plz

  7. where is this vicky cosmetics in defence located....??I want to buy a shade of velvet sensation...I've searched for it every where but cud'nt find...rply soon plz...

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