PONDS - The Truth behind Spotless Radiance

I am not a big fan of fairness creams, specially with the way they portray how fairness can win over everything and everyone. Its not Real. So, when I was first asked to review Ponds White Beauty I was a bit reluctant but when I found out that its NOT a fairness cream but more of a "Clearness Cream" I decided to test it out. Does this cream really give you SPOTLESS RADIANCE? Lets find out with the 7 day experience.

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What exactly is this cream all about? Pond's have developed it with GenWhite technology which works three layers deep in your skin.

The BRAND Claims:

Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite formula contains 3 main ingredients:
  1. Fairness Actives, more simply known as Pro-Vitamins to lighten skin, reduce dark spots and improve skin texture 
  2. Skin Benefit Actives to moisturize and soothe skin. They also prevent oxidization which causes wear and tear. This destruction and disintegration of the skin causes aging and more importantly, skin cells to die. The Allantoin in Pond’s White Beauty acts as an Anti-Oxidant and keeps repairing the skin. 
  3. Also,Triple Sun-Screens to protect against harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) of the sun.
Spotless Radiance, Ponds 7 days, Ponds, Skincare, Best Beauty creams, Beauty and skin, GenWhite, Fairness cream, Red Alice Rao, redalicerao, Beauty blogger of Pakistan, Top Beauty Blogger, best skin care products,

No matter how much a brand boasts about it's product the real "sign the deal" situation is the experience so I went ahead with a 7 day test.

DAY 1: The first thing that impressed me was how instantly it mattifies and blends in with the skin. It's Non sticky and gave an instant "Clean' look which actually stayed for hours.

Day 2: Obviously no one expects a miracle in two days, right? I was relieved that my skin didn't have rashes or pimples though (my super oily skin is very sensitive). This time I also noticed how powdery my face felt and it was a super long working day so I came home late but my face was not oily as it usually gets in normal days. no sudden face change though, none was expected :p

Day 3: I wonder if you will understand if I say my face looked plump. Healthier, fresher than usual, not clearer yet, but a definite liveliness was seen. When that happens it makes you smile more and it felt good.

Day 4: Had to go out somewhere after work so dabbed some translucent  powder over my face which otherwise only had the Pond's Cream. I had not used any makeup for the past 4 days on my skin yet didnt feel the need either.

Day 5: Skin does appear a bit clearer, not drastically, but I can see my cheeks being pink-er and skin tone a tad bit better

Day 6: I noticed the skin under my eyes (my trouble zone with pigments) lighter than usual...well hello there, better skin alert!

Day 7: The Truth? Ah well my skin is stubborn as hell so when others see results in 3 to 4 days, mine usually takes a week to 10 days. I didn't have a major "Ok to oh-wow-white change BUT skin was clearer, fresher and showed promise if I used the cream further :)


Spotless Radiance, Ponds 7 days, Ponds, Skincare, Best Beauty creams, Beauty and skin, GenWhite, Fairness cream, Red Alice Rao, redalicerao, Beauty blogger of Pakistan, Top Beauty Blogger, best skin care products,

Ok so I have TWO Confessions:

FIRST: I never dont use moisturizer as much as I should :( I use a bit of sunscreen and then use BB cream on top of it. Adding a third element was layering too much for my super oily skin which tends to break out so was really cautious. Ponds kinda changed that a bit :p

SECOND: I had NEVER used Ponds, ever. I thought it might not suit me. Why I thought that? Beats me. However, this testing was the ice breaker.


- Great Packaging
- Sweet Smell
- Velvety creamy formula that goes matte as soon as we blend it in
- Compatible with some foundation and basic makeup routine
- Wished it had a slightly higher SPF  so I can skip my sunscreen too someday *fingers crossed for the future*
- Compatible with my skin (combination/oily skin)
- Didnt cause breakouts
- Great Value for price = Costs Only Rs. 220! wowzer!

I am still using this cream even after the 7 day test...that means something eh? :)


The 7 day Dairy was followed up by a sweet yet chic event at the Pond's Institute in Dolmen Mall where many Beauty Bloggers and Social Media individual interacted and shared their SPOTLESS RADIANCE experience. It was lot of fun (and radiant posing ;p) along with the very informative skin care briefing by PONDS Skin Expert Saeeda Mandviwala.

The setup was classy but the food was even better *had to control myself* Enough! Let the Photos do the talking now!

If you are curious for more SPOTLESS RADIANCE then go check out their official accounts to stay updated for more product reviews:

PONDS Facebook
PONDS Twitter

Red Alice

DISCLOSURE: Samples are provided for consideration purposes by the brand or PR company. Paid or Not, my reviews are always honest.


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