The Crafter's Expo 2013

I usually hate getting out of my house on Sundays. I enjoy lazing around after a crazy week of work and writing assignments, enjoy sipping my tea slowly and cuddling with my cat. Mostly doing nothing unless its to enjoy some cooking time or flipping through my favorite magazines (non local *cough cough*).

Last Sunday, however, I dragged my self out of bed because I was adamant on checking out 'The Crafter's Expo' which has been making waves on Facebook for the past few months. Almost everyone I know has been either talking about it, tweeting or sharing the event on Facebook. Digital marketing and word of mouth promotion was quite amazing.

The Event claimed " The Crafter’s Expo is a yearly feat in Karachi that works as a platform for Crafters and Craft enthusiasts to exhibit and honor their talent and skill. It facilitates home owned businesses as well as NGO’s and Grass Root level organizations to support local craftsman and artisans."

So out of curiosity and subtle push from my Boss I finally ended up at The Crafter's Expo on a Sunday afternoon, 15th Dec 2013. The Event took place at Royale Rodale, Karachi. The first breeze of impressiveness hit me when the gate man handed me a venue sheet and it was divided into 4 halls with over 100 stalls (or more)....wowzer!

The place was PACKED. after arriving and going through all four halls I definitely didn't regret giving up my lazy afternoon. the stalls consisted of designers and vendors dealing with all kinds of fun crafts and products. I dont think this blog post will end if I start noting down the list but you guys can go to the age for in depth details on the participating vendors HERE in case you want to buy some thing you like from the photos posted here.

There were cupcakes, a lot of cupcakes. Handmade cards and scrap books, Bags and clutches, clothes, jewelry and even shoes!! I saw a lot of quirky jewelry (on my must by later list now). Cute cushions, mugs and random hand crafted, unique items. The price range started from Rs.100 and went up to Rs.6,000 and more.

I ended up buying a gorgeous Truck art inspired Digital Print Wallet (which I am definitely using as a clutch too). I liked it because it was different in execution rather than the typical chamak pattee. It cost Rs.1,200. I also bought a hand crafted red red ring for Rs.150 and a pair of black rose tops for Rs.150.

Wallet is from 'Handmade by Madiha Raza'

Here are some more fun Photos from the Expo:

Red Alice


  1. Very nice post! Just love the wallet!
    Oriana xxx

    1. Thanks for appreciating Oriana :)

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  2. Everything is so beautiful, loved those clutches
    Have a nice day
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  3. Great Post!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin:-)
    Hope you follow back♥

  4. I missed it! :( Love how colorful everything is and love your picks xx

    1. Hopefully a Lot of worthy Designers will be up on soon ;)

  5. wow nice look

  6. Thank you for such a wonderful write-up and the pictures :)

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