Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick - Sweet Watermelon

My first Chubby stick, Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick, was given to be by my aunt this winter. It felt like I was holding a crayon and nostalgia swept over me. It filled me with the same excitement which I went through when I was holding my first pack of crayons as a kid!
Makeup is like that to me know. The thrill, the twinkle in the eye when we get a new product...delicious sigh!

Chubby Lip sticks were a fad all year round, from Clinique to Revlon and many other brands, I never got any because I mostly prefer medium to full coverage on my lips. Getting one as a gift is a different thing all together :)

The Brand Claims: NEUTROGENA® Moisture Smooth Color Sticks instantly moisturize lips, while continuously conditioning them so they are softer and smoother in just 3 days with nothing on them. Made with fruit extracts along with mango and shea butter, the balm-like formula glides on easily, providing a sheer wash of moisturizing color that lasts for hours. In addition, the twist up package allows for perfect application each time – with no sharpener needed.

The color I got is SWEET WATERMELON, a subtle frosty pink which is great to pair up with smokey eyes or just use it as a hint if color when chilling at home instead of a lip balm. I was not too crazy about the shade at first because I like more darker, richer shade. A berry shade would have made me ecstatic, like RICH RAISIN.
  • The Smooth stick is definitely conditioning and makes the lips feel soft and supple. I am using this,other than my Miami Roller girls color changing Lip balm from Essence, from keeping my lips from chapping this winter
  • The sheer to light medium coverage is not that long lasting but can satisfy for 2-3 hours
  • The price factor is quite pleasing. The Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks only cost $8.49 and compared to the rest of the brands with similar products its very reasonable
  • Taste and smell is a bit greasy but you can live with it as it fades after a while
Overall good experience but I am not going to get any more if I had a choice. This is not because the product(s) is bad, I prefer Lipsticks over chubby sticks and Lip glosses :)

Red Alice


  1. The colors looks very nice :)
    Happy New Year

  2. I get the same twinkle in my eyes :D I'm more of a lipgloss person so I looovve chubby sticks :)

  3. I love the color~~!
    Do you think this is better than other lip crayons?

    1. I am not a bog fan of Lip crayons and this was my first only because I got it as a Gift so I cant compare. I am however thinking of getting Revlon Just bitten in a berry shade. Will review it and send you link. That's How I will know when I have tried more :)

  4. we have been waiting for these to come out in Australia, but unfortunately, we're still waiting! We've heard so many great things about it and since we love Revlon's balm stain, we thought we'd give this a try too. Have you tried covergirl's chubby sticks?

    1. These are not available in my Country either my aunt got it for me from USA. I have heard great things about Covergirl as well :)

  5. How amazing are these lip products!! I love them so much.

    I invite you to come check out my blog.

  6. Oh my goodness that shade is beautiful! I must go and check this color out!
    You have such a cute blog dear, now following :)

  7. The lippy suits you! Do you know if there are other shades available?
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines


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